Tuesday, December 25, 2007

what, no christmas quake and tsunami this year?

dec 25th, 2007

maybe yhwh decided to cut us a break this year. thank yhwh for small mercies. maybe he figured there's been enough killing of semitics this year in iraq and afghanistan.

or else yhwh may be slightly confused. he did the qom quake right on time, but he did the 2004 tsunami the day after christmas. so maybe there'll be "good news" (TM the christists) on the 26th after all.


Sameer said...

Hi Rajeev and others,

I had been away for 16 days and am back from a trip to Singapore and SriLanka (Stopover).
I did not access the net in between and am sure missed quite a news and ofcourse postings of this blog.
I have quite many interesting observations during this journey, which I will be making in due course (I do not want to make it one big messy comment post).
Some being:
-The news coverage of Hindus of Malaysia.
-The victory of 'Hindu Nationalists' in Gujarat.
-My tour of a 99% Catholic town of SriLanka.
Have not gone through the blog yet, will be back.....
Have a nice time...

nizhal yoddha said...

ok sameer go ahead and post. first-hand impressions are always interesting.