Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dhimmi Kulkarni pleads for Muslim vote-bank

This is exactly the kind of thinking we can do without. Kulkarni is a Dhimmi par excellence who would like to see us going back to the compact of the Neruvian-Stalinist state - that being that Muslims (and only Muslims) are entitled to collective bargaining using vote-banks

Once the results are in - the Gujarati elections will be remembered for a few firsts

1- Irrelevance of Muslim vote block - I used to think that Modi has built the Hindu vote bank- but I will have more humility. He may not have built the Hindu vote bank but he has done enough to render the Muslim vote bank irrelevant. Others communities ave blunted their collective bargaining chip

2- No evocation of 'secular' 'pseudo-secular' categories - In the past the BJP has played the game with the rules set by the Nehruvian-Stalinist intelligentsia. Even if you did not agree to their 'secular' you could do no better than to call them 'pseudo-secular'. This election has transcended these categories. It is the first 'post-secular' election

3- Irrelevance of the pseudo-liberal press - Where the press has not provided empty criticism, they have tried to invent (refer 'Power Theft Gupta' ) - and where they cannot invent - they have simply proffered labels and hate. This election has rendered them irrelevant. And an irrelevant pressman is an out of work pressman. It explains why they hate Modi so much

Watch the pseudo-liberal press when the results are declared. They will collectively berate everyone - the Gujarati electorate, Modi, the Patel community, tribals, divided Congressmen - and the King of Arabia if they have to. It is harder to adjust to reality


karyakarta92 said...

What is wrong with the IIT's that they churn out such dhimmis: Sudheendra Kulkarni, Prafool Bidwai, Sandip Pandey, Ram Puniyani etc? There must be something drastically wrong with it's academic milieu to give birth to these potato heads. On a more serious note, the BJP needs to carefully guard against such dhimmitude. Both Vajpayee & Advani
are unfortunately quite susceptible to such idiotic ideas as a Muslim votebank for the Hindu right. Muslim intransigence is never satisfied with even the worst dhimmis like
Manmohan Singh. They recently threatened to kill Karunanidhi for "offending Islam"!! Therefore, any foolhardy attempt by the BJP to appease Muslims will cost them the support of their core constituency. Dhimmitude needs to be avoided like the plague.

socal said...

Modi never pandered to the media and that really drives them mad. What other politician would have remained steadfast when faced with barrage of criticism, and opted to perform for people not for media. Media folks and NGOs love people like Digvijay Singh who play to the gallery, and act according to media elites' agenda.

The mediocre Hinglish media is good only for one thing- passing encomiums on Bubble Boy Rahul and dynastic know-nothings.

There's an urgent need for strong professional alternative media in India. Wonder why no industrial barons ever try to grab such plum opportunity.