Friday, December 21, 2007

Can China and India Be Friends?

In my opinion, that is a realistic possibility - if the Chinese people manage to overthrow the imperialistic death cult of Maoism and abandon their government's dangerous flirtation with global Islamism. After all, these are two great civilizations that existed without any known conflict for thousands of years, until the Communist pestilence afflicted China. Until the shibboleth of Maoism and grandiose visions of Han hegemony over all of Asia are abandoned, there is little sense in engaging in so called "strategic cooperation". In the latest instance, Shikhandi MMS has idiotically consented to joint military exercises with the Chinese - probably a bone thrown to placate rabid Indian Communist canines. Is there any practical value to such exercises other than opening up recruitment and infiltration opportunities for Chinese espionage agencies?

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Ghost Writer said...

I know that the answer to this question has been a resounding NO in this forum (especially from Rajeev).

There is possibly one shared interest that we can use to ensnare China. The are sitting on the largest reserves of US Dollars yet. They don't know what to do with it and are sinking it into pits like Blackstone. We are desperate for investment in infrastructure. Unlike the Yanks - who are all influenced by the Christist persecution industry and would love to condition India's development on it turning toward the 'only true Lord' - the Chinese have no such riders. They love money more than they love their own mommy.

Overall I would much rater take the Japanese's money for this than the Chinese - but China is not a bad option to get infrastructure FDI.

Given that the US hates Modi - I would not be surprised if he tries to woo the Chinese into investing in Gujrat's infrastructure. He has good contacts in Singapore which gives him a good foot in the door.