Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Russia's Spies Firm Up Its Firms

In spite of other problems relating to dhimmitude, Russia seems to be showing an edge in business competition, with spies making full use of their intelligence acumen for that goal.

Heh, this sounds like the plot of your average videogame. Corporations with commando teams. Gives new meaning to phrases like "in the red", "corporate raider", or "poison pill defense". ;)

But it also seems like a more biologically sound structure. Hey, inside your body or inside your cells, there are places which are just bodies of fluid, whose with processes occurring in a manner analogous to the fluid dynamics of the free market economy. But there are also parts of your body and your cells which are tough walls, whose toughness or rigidity is analogous to that of the organs of a police state.

And having some of that toughness present isn't such a bad thing, when you consider some of Russia's neighbors and their history of meddling inside Russia.

So maybe the Russians are increasingly onto an idea for an optimal combination that will allow them to survive while also enjoying quality of life. From their perspective, that may not be such a terribly irrational goal.


habc said...

Francis Ford Coppola's first kiss

Coppola offers a little more detail: 'SheWendy Doniger was, in fact, the first girl I ever kissed.'

habc said...


I have a question. Did they use electronic voting machines for the Gujarat poll? If so then why would it take a week to declare the results? Even NDTV's exit poll claims that Modi will win, but Kaangress remains supremely confident.