Monday, December 17, 2007

Michael Witzel, a compulsive liar

Reader Kashyapa K. wanted to share this info about Michael Witzel's lies. After being forced to surrender his e-mail correspondence to CAPEEM, Witzel is indulging in macho posturing for the benefit of his evangelical gallery. A true christist missionary hyena, always peeing in his pants, so to speak, when cornered.
The point to take home about all this is that the personal behaviour of dishonest evangelicals like Witzel (a Harvard professor, no less!) is characteristic of their larger dishonest, hateful and malicious agenda - of demonising and vilifying the Hindu religion. A compulsive liar in personal life is much more probable to commit academic fraud. CAPEEM is clearly doing a good job in demolishing the lies propagated about Hinduism in California school text books that it is subjected to further demonisation as "Hindu radicals" by the neo-Nazi skinheads like Witzel.......

People can see for themselves & decide on Right Honorable Michael Witzel below.

Subject: Re: Is Witzel telling the truth ?

Dear Bharat,

I would not have commented on a case that is sub-judice but a brief
response to Witzel's claim is in order. Evidently, Witzel wants his
audience to believe that he did not have to submit any of his email
correspondences to CAPEEM. On the contrary, Witzel surrendered three
CDs of emails to CAPEEM. Just the day before the hearing in the
Massachusetts court, Witzel's lawyer, in a clear sign of panic,
surrendered further communications to CAPEEM, and also duly notified
the judge about it.

Since CAPEEM exposed Witzel's troubling links to a Christian
evangelical group that spreads hatred, it seems that Witzel felt a
compulsive psychological urge to appear a little larger than life size
amongst his admirers. Feel free to forward this response to anyone.


On 11/6/07, Bharat wrote:

Hello KV,

As far as I understand from you, CAPEEM lawsuit is going on fine. CAPEEM had mentioned that lawsuit is progressing well through the discovery process.

Recently Michael Witzel has written in Indo-Eurasian_research yahoo group that:

"E.g., the CAPEEM webpage is utterlysilent about the case they lost in an MA court, that is to "compel? me todeliver each and all of my CA related emails (including those to my uncleand everybody else on the planet?)

That discovery ?motion? was denied by the judge, straight from the bench,already in July, without further ado."

His message can be seen in yahoo group site

So it seems the MA court judge denied the discovery motion and Witzel didn't have to give any of his correspondence.

What happened?

With regards,

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