Friday, December 21, 2007

Manmohan Singh can now sleep un-encumbered

Congratulations to Shikhandi MMS on his singular accomplishment in office. This is probably the crowning glory of the dhimmi UPA coalition. No stone was left unturned to lobby, coax and browbeat the Australians to take back the Mohammedan doctor with terror links. No more sleepless nights for MMS. In return, the Australians will demand and get, their pound of flesh in the form of "tourist visas" for christist evangelicals like Graham Staines to indulge in unrestricted hate across India.....


Anoop's Blog said...

Yes, Haneef can go to Oz...but can he be safe? I am sure he will hassled by authorities for everything...He can't even cross a road with getting it really worth it? If I were Haneef, I would pimp myself to pseudo seculars for upcoming elections in Karnataka and earn more money in short time than in Australia. But then again, it is a good thing for India.. One terrorist not operating on Indian soil is priceless!

witan said...

Slight Diversion:
Sikhandi of Mahabharatam was born as a woman and converted herself through a terrific effort into a male warrior. Manmohan Singh was probably born as a man, and behaves like a .... -- NOT a woman, because, in Indian puraanas and itihaasaas. those of the feminine gender have not been lacking in courage or valour: e.g. Goddess Durga, Satyabhama ... Sikhandi [him]self was a warrior of no mean accomplishment.
Let us not insult Sikhandi.