Monday, December 17, 2007

British NHS dhimmis pay for "virginity restoration" procedures

The BBC limeys would indulge in typical doublespeak about "Asians" availing themselves of this government funded health benefit. But, the conservative Daily Mail leaves nothing to such "progressive" conjecture. It's rather trendy among the Indian "liberals" to imitate European dhimmitude nowadays. The UPA is making India adhere to EU norms on capital punishment, political correctness about identifying Mohammedan terrorism, certifying Pakistan as a victim of terror etc. Therefore, MMS, Chidambaram and company can be expected to implement this abomination in India in the near future.....

The reaction from mullahs in India is another matter. It'll probably be along the lines of Mahmoud Ahmadnejad's denial of the existence of homosexuals in Iran, when asked about it at Columbia University! That would be a hilarious sight - Mullahs irritated and angered at the UPA's latest attempt to appease them!

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anand said...

What about Muslim MALES? Are they expected to be virgin too? Or is it a matter of shame if they are (virgin)?