Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Is human evolution accelerating?

"The HapMap Project, a large scale effort to identify variations in human genes, have discovered evidence that evolution is actually accelerating.....

Anthropologist Henry Harpending of the University of Utah, a co-author of the new study, says there have been significant changes in the last 1,000 or 2,000 years."

Interesting thought that. Humanity has certainly evolved new ways of wickedness over the past 2000 odd years since the Abrahamic cults started growing out of West Asia. For sure, evolution has not reached any point of termination. It is certainly a work in progress as far as the "Dravidians" are concerned. There is absolutely nothing of evidential value to prove the theory of accelerating evolution in those neanderthals. Head dravidian neanderthal Karunanidhi and dravidian christist neanderthal T.R Baalu are living examples of the retrogression of civilisation among the "Dravidians" since their false prophet Periyar founded the lunatic cult of "Dravidianism" and "Self Respect". Growth in christist proselytisation is a further compounding factor in "Dravidian" barbarism that is a worthy topic for further anthropological/sociological research. There is still hope that it can be arrested. On the other hand, the gradual death of organised christist religion in affluent Europe is something to be celebrated by all those who cherish human progress......

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drisyadrisya said...


Well known in India, Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) was one of the first to call for complete independence of India from British colonial rule. He later became one of India's brightest spiritual lights. This essay of Aurobindo first appeared in his Arya Journal in 1920. In it he takes Nietzsche's conception of the superman, critiques it, and posits a compelling alternative.


Unity is the secret, a complex, understanding and embracing unity. When the full heart of Love is tranquillized by knowledge into a calm ecstasy and vibrates with strength, when the strong hands of Power labour for the world in a radiant fullness of joy and light, when the luminous brain of knowledge accepts and transforms the heart's obscure inspirations and lends itself to the workings of the high-seated Will, when all these gods are founded together on a soul of sacrifice that lives in unity with all the world and accepts all things to transmute them, then is the condition of man's integral self-transcendence. This and not a haughty, strong and brilliant egoistic self-culture enthroning itself upon an enslaved humanity is the divine way of supermanhood.