Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hindutva and radical Islam: Where the twain do meet
In Bhutto's Sugar Deluge in the ELM - a few other interesting stories may be lost. Certainly the highlighted one from Arun Shourie deserves attention. The Kangress rout in Himachal being another. Note to Burkha Dutt - Mr. Dhumal can win an election and get a visa to travel to western countries.

Hindus can build a vote bank - but it is hard to say if the BJP has the stomach for a fight. The last time this 'ferment' happened on 06 Dec-92; Advani and Vajpayee ran with their tails between their legs after a few caustic editorials. Modi seems to made of sterner stuff - but it's the party that has weak knees.

Interesting he said this at the release of Tavleen's new book , where Dr. Arvind Sharma spoke of 'asymmetrical secularism'. Even though I personally don't like Tavleen (too Pseudo-secular) you can still buy the book. At least she is better than Burkha Dutt, Sardesai, Ghoshe and Sanghvi!

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witan said...

Quoting from Arun Shourie's article: “‘Has Mr Shourie ever visited Khajuraho?,’ a member of the audience asked, the implication being that, as Hindu sculptors had depicted personages naked, what was wrong with Husain depicting the goddesses in the same style. Fine again. But surely, it is no one’s case that the ‘Khajuraho style’ must be confined to Hindu icons....

It is surprising that Shourie did not point out the following fact: [from Wikipedia] The Khajuraho temples do not contain sexual or erotic art inside the temple or near the deities; however, some external carvings bear erotic art. Also, some of the temples that have two layers of walls have small erotic carvings on the outside of the inner wall. ...”

Need to say more?