Friday, December 21, 2007

blast in mosque in pakistan: james astill says 'spontaneous explosion in mohammedan neighborhood'

dec 21st, 2007

naah, of course the atlanticist's 'friend of pakistanis' won't say that.

but when mohammedans torched the sabarmati express, that was deemed to be 'the train caught fire when traveling through a mohammedan neighborhood'. the old spontaneous combustion theory.

possibly the ISI has incriminating photographs of james astill doing naughty things.

or else, he may simply be hanging out too much with JNU types and cedric prakash and john dayal. he is sure giving cedric '2000' prakash a lot of mileage.

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Ghost Writer said...

Is James Astill the one with "Prickly Indian Nationalism" - If yes - listen up Oh Wise One; Indians are prickly due to nationalism; British journalists do not even have that excuse - I wonder why they behave like pricks?