Monday, December 31, 2007

wsj on benazir

dec 30th, 2007

interesting stuff. what i liked most was the following: the description of jihadis in pakistan is exactly the same as the description of the fringe-lunatic communists in india (both the ones that admit to being communists, as well as the JNU-types like vir sanghvi, shekar kapoor, rajdeep sardesai, prannoy roy, barkha dutt, karan thapar -- the fifth-column fascists who call themselves 'liberal' and 'secular'.) these people are a) demonizing entire populations (eg. gujarat), b) attempting to rig elections (eg. 2004 national elections and 2007 gujarat), c) they are killing the army by publishing all sorts of innuendo (eg. tehelka crap), d) enable traitors (eg. the communist terrorists of west bengal) to take over the state.

During her meeting with us last summer, Bhutto warned that while the jihadist movement would never have the popular support to win an election in its own right, they had sufficient means at their disposal to "unleash against the population, to rig an election, to kill the army and therefore to make it possible to take over the state."

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Nirnaami said...

Just because she spoke English well ( yes, those across the border dress up well as observed by you and are quite articulate so what if they lie) she was no non jihadi. Benazir was as jihadi as shabana azmis and asma jehangirs.

mj akbar is also a fervent admirer of benazir.Advani was making frenzied queries about her well being when she survived the first attempt.

We, the Hindus celebrate Narakasura's slaying as Deepavali, but mourn needlessly for benazirs and indira gandhis , short of apotheosizing them ! No wonder, we don't command our adversaries' fear leave alone respect.