Saturday, December 22, 2007

Exhibition of M.F Hussain "art" in Delhi

How come no government in India intervenes to muzzle this dirty old man's pornography that is quite deliberately intended to hurt Hindu religious sentiments?
A stark contrast to the "secular progressive" concern for tender Mohammedan sensitivities regarding Taslima Nasrin's literature, which incidentally is a mere catalogue of Islamist atrocities against the Hindu minority in "Bangladesh" as opposed to any analysis or indictment of Islam itself.


TallIndian said...

The strength of Hinduism comes from its ability to shruf of the ignorant bigots like this Hussain character.

I dobut that his insults (apparently aimed by pecuinary motives) will have any impact. We

Uddharet said...

Hussain's "art"? I think the Idiots, Imbeciles and Cretins are not seeing one letter that precedes "a r t".

Sudarshan said...

The JNU types squawk a lot about freedom of expression when peaople get angry because of his nude Hindu goddesses. This MF guy should go one better and paint a nude Indira Gandhi. Let's hear their homilies then.

Eternalsoul said...

The nutjob didnt spare even the Indian map!