Saturday, December 22, 2007

tribals escape the cult of apartheid, slavery and racism

dec 22nd, 2007

good news on the winter solstice. may this trend continue!

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From: Sushama

Baptized' south Gujarat tribals re-embrace Hinduism
Surat, December 18 Around 2,000 tribal men and women from different villages in South Gujarat, who had converted to Christianity, re-embraced Hinduism on Monday evening at a religious ceremony ( sammelan) at the Shivaji ground in Tapi district.

They took an oath by the fire in the presence of Jagat Guru Acharya Narendra Maharaj and submitted affidavits that they won't convert to Christianity ever again in the future.

The people had started gathering at the venue since Sunday night listening to the Jagat Guru's teaching before re-converting to Hinduism at the ceremony a day later.

Narayan Solanki, a disciple of Narendra Maharaj in Tapi district said, "There are many disciples of the Maharaj working in different villages of Vyara, Dharampur, Songadh, Mandvi, Ahwa-Dang, Vasda and so on. They visit these places and interact with the tribals who have been baptised earlier by various missionaries and convince them to return back to Hinduism."

According to Solanki, the Maharaj also runs an ashram at Naneej village in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. It was after a visit to one such ashram that they became motivated to become his disciples. "We visit different villages and persuade those, who have been baptised, to come back into the Hindu fold," said Solanki.

Giving details about the sammelan (ceremony), another disciple, Mahipal Thakur, said, "We have been working for the sammelan for the past few months and contacted tribals in various villages, who had become fed up with Christianity. These tribals gathered on Sunday night at Tapi district. They were provided with food and accommodation, and later they met the Maharaj during the night. On Monday, they assembled at the Shivaji ground where the Maharaj gave a religious sermon. Many of the tribal men also cut off their hair and took oaths, while all of them gave thumb impressions on the affidavits saying they have willingly returned to the folds of the Hindu religion."

Deputy Collector of Tapi district N S Halbe said, "The organisers had taken prior permission to hold the sammelan. The district officials visited the venue and have submitted their report about it to me."


gopinath said...

I think this can happen only in Gujarat, where we have a brave man Modi. We should use ironfist to silence the shabnas of the world if they even raise a murmur leave alone a lecture.
Great going guys. More support to such activities should pour in from all over.
This should also be a great lesson to missionaries not to mess around.

karyakarta92 said...

This is good. Christist imperialism needs to be capped, rolled back and eliminated. In the centuries past, Hinduism was weakened by foreign invasions. Vedic wisdom was ignored to invent escapist doctrines of "purity", i.e. someone forcibly or fraudulently converted to a semitic cult was considered
"polluted" and no real effort was made to welcome back our own people
due to a lack of strength. Christist & Mohammedan invaders, for example exploited the dietary restrictions by force feeding beef
to those being converted under duress. One early instance of Hindu renaissance under the foreign barbarian onslaught was the Vijayanagara empire of the Deccan, founded by Harihara & Bukka, two young men who had been forcibly converted to Islam by Malik Kafur during his conquest of the Deccan. They had lived as Muslims and had even been taken to
distant Delhi and Kabul, but they were always repelled by islamic barbarism. It took the wisdom of a Madhwacharya to re-discover the pristine glory of Hinduism and re-initiate them into the Hindu fold.
That doctrinal renewal and reformation needs to multiply a million fold with the Sankaracharyas lending their weight to the RSS/VHP effort by issuing an open call to all those unfortunate present day Mohammedans and Christist descendants of Hindu ancestry in
India - to return home to the embrace of the Sanatana Dharma.
Welcome back Vanvasi brothers.

KapiDhwaja said...

Karyakarta92, it was not Madhwacharya, but Madhava Vidyaranya, the then Shankaracharya of Sringeri Math in the 1300s who helped found the Vijayanagar Empire, and acted as the Guru of Hakka Raya & Bukka Raya.