Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pakistan nukes safely guarded, says M.K Narayanan

New Delhi (PTI): India believes that nuclear weapons in Pakistan are "pretty safely guarded" making it "extremely difficult" of it falling in "wrong hands" with the US paying "very close attention" to the issue.

It also said that the government has a contingency plan in place to deal with a situation of Pakistani nuclear weapons getting used by radical elements in the neighbouring country..............

"I would therefore say it (Pakistani nuclear arsenal) is relatively safe or I would say it is largely safe," he said.

Fears of nuclear weapons falling in the hands of radicals has "activated" the American government to pay "very close attention" to the matter, the Narayanan said.

"... they are quite satisfied with the checks and balances which are adequate," he said.
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The Pakistani nuke arsenal is "relatively safe or largely safe"? What on earth could this idiot babu mean? This lunatic's official job title is India's National Security Adviser, but he alternates between fear mongering and
Gunga dinish servitude to the Atlanticists. Can dhimmitude get any worse than this old windbag certifying the safety and security of Pakistani nukes?

Note how he goes on parroting how the Yanks are concerned, how the Yanks are attentive, how the Yanks are satisfied etc. In a similar situation a few days ago, the Israeli government (the weakest one ever, under Ehud Olmert) rejected the American "National Intelligence Estimate" that suggested that the Iranian nuclear weapons program was frozen. The stated reason for Israeli scepticism was that they do not trust or rely upon external sources of information when it comes to matters involving their national security. Here, we have dhimmi Narayanan declaring satisfaction with American statements without any further analysis!

The pacifists have precluded a pre-emptive strike; hence, what does Narayanan's contingency plan in the event of "Pakistani nuclear weapons getting used by radical elements" involve? A relocation of the babus to Calcutta after Delhi is vaporised by a jihadi nuke?

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