Thursday, December 27, 2007

it gets curiouser and curiouser: bhutto 'sniper' cum 'suicide bomber'?

dec 27th, 2007

so which was it? a 'sniper' is usually a marksman shooting from far off (eg the guy who supposedly shot kennedy) with a telescopic sight.

a 'suicide bomber' is someone who walks up to a person and blows themselves and target up (eg the girl who exploded herself along with rajiv gandhi).

it sounds like a) overkill, b) impossible to be a 'sniper' AND 'a suicide bomber'. the first is far off, the second is right next to the victim.

possible conclusions:

1. there was no sniper, it was just a suicide bomber who had an explosive belt, and maybe a small firearm. in that case, how did this person get through the security cordon/bomb sniffing dogs/metal detectors?

2. there was a sniper, who shot bhutto from far off and also caused the suicide bomber to explode by hitting his explosive belt. it is possible the suicide bomber didn't even know he was carrying an explosive belt.

3. somebody shot bhutto at close range and the suicide bomber exploded too. this is the indira gandhi theory: someone on her own staff did it. and the suicide bomber was a diversionary tactic or plan b

4. the suicide bomber was exploded into small bits so he wouldn't talk later

5. the whole thing is an elaborate charade, and there was no suicide bomber. the security guard or someone at close range shot bhutto, and then created a diversionary explosion.

yes, very curious indeed. clever boys, these ISI. whatever will they think up next?


Shankar said...

Picture more than one person from the Fidayeen school in this attack. Then revisit your doubts.

nizhal yoddha said...

you mean like my scenario 2 above?

also, it is a bad idea to call these blighters 'fidayeen': that means something like 'faithful'. you might want to delete that term from your vocabulary. 'terrorist' will do just fine.

Kaunteya said...

"cowards" is the more appropriate word. Or "loosers".

I think one of the theories that looks probable to me is that the suicide bomber first blew himself up. This made space for the shooter to target Benazir.

Narayan said...

You know Rajeev,

1) the suicide bomber blew himself up. Benazir fell inside the vehicle--both reaction to shock and also safety from outside the sunroof.

2) Then someone inside the van -- a security force operative finished it up....shot at her point blank.

This is an inside job...a la ISI ....

Ghost Writer said...

Yeah - considering that they keep missing when trying to kill Musharraf - I am betting it was a hatchet job by the ISI folks

Sandeep thinks that the media will have a prolonged orgasm . He is right of course - I am waiting for the film industries 'secular, peace-loving, the-Pakistani's-are-people-like-us' brigade to do a candle light march in Mumbai while singing You lived your life, like a candle in the wind' a la Elton John. Nothing gets them weeping like a dead Muslim woman - except perhaps a dead white woman.

siva said...

If it is an ISI job can someone explain what they are going to benefit out of this?

For me it looks like a pious Mussalman doing his religious duty, which is to show the bitch (I am using this word because that is how they treat their women) her place. Keep inside the house, serve your men in your household, shut up and be a reproductive factory for creating more barbarians or get whacked. So I would say it is done by Taliban or al Qaeda.

delram said...

Rewrite of history already happening!

Anyone catch the Chris Matthews show (Hardball) on MSNBC? Bhutto was compared to Gandhi by Anne Curry and to MLK by Chris Matthews!! Hilarious

On one of Wolf Blitzer's segments, Carol Costello compared her to JFK!!! How quickly people forget the billions this woman and her husband funneled into Swiss accounts!!

delram said...

An instance of blatant whitewashing of history

All day on the cable news channels in the US they've been blathering about how BB went on a "self-imposed exile".

Here is what Reuters has to say on the matter

In 1999, both Bhutto and her husband, Asif Ali Zardari, were sentenced to five years in jail and fined $8.6 million on charges of taking kickbacks from a Swiss company hired to fight customs fraud. A higher court later overturned the conviction as biased. Bhutto, who had made her husband investment minister during her period in office from 1993 to 1996, was abroad at the time of her conviction and chose not to return to Pakistan

nizhal yoddha said...

siva, consider:

1. what exactly is the difference between the ISI and the taliban? nothing, other than taliban have longer beards and more baggy pants. ISI == taliban

2. what would the ISI gain from this? elections will now be cancelled. the big boss will be happy.

nothing happens in pakistan -- not even a fly moves -- without the ISI's paw-prints all over it.

Shankar said...

As per NDTV, this is what happened:

There were two assailants, one person shot Bhutto using an AK-47 rifle. She was hit in the neck and head. She fell on to the seat and was bleeding. The second person, with a bomb strapped to his body, killed himself to make sure that Bhutto doesn't get the medical attention that she needs! This happened around 5:00 PM. So Bhutto was lying there bleeding for a full 40 mins, before people mustered enough courage to go near the car and take her to the hospital. After arriving at the hospital, she was declared dead at 6:16 PM.

I'm not sure if this is the official story being put out by the Musharaff administration or just NDTV is making it up.

Tachy said...

This is an ISI job at behest of mushy/military.


1) Uncle is keen to make it easier for them, by bringing in Bhutto and thus slowly removing their dependency on mushy. Mushy knows it.

2) At any day Mushy is not co-operating with US by choice, but by sheer compulsion of situation, and is determined to safe-guard military/ISI control of pak and its nukes.

Bhutto is more willing to be on USA side as she is not a military woman. She openly declared giving full hands to USA in waristan, letting IAEC question AQ-khan etc which mushy has till now prevented. ALso mushy/ISI suspect the pak nuke state with bhutto as a US pawn with more powers as PM.

3) As a first step, he chaged the whole supreme-court, jailed CJ, removed news source that can hamper military agenda and amended constitution.

Bhutto declared that she will chnage all these once she is PM.

4) Mushy is more afraid of US using bhutto, than bhutto. With uncle stick at neck, mushy needs to do something before it become irrepairable.

5) Mushy denied external security for her from USA/UK. The venue is rawalpindi, the military home quite difficult for such missions without ISI support.

Bhutto has 2 weeks ago mailed to her spokesperson in USA, that if she dies, mushy is responsible as he is putting every possible impediment for her security.

6) Now uncle has no replacement for mushy. Uncle has to be more careful and give him support. He can claim more support and money saying extrimists may take over. PPP without leader can be rigged for votes by bribing etc. In short pak power is safe within ISI/military reach.

Now let us see how she is assasinated.

There are many conflicting reports seemingly purposeful.

At first assassins should have learned one thing from their previous expeditions. That is she is having a semi-armored SUV that can survive a major blast.

Hence shotting is the sure way of killing.

Report on clinically how she died.


"One of the doctors who attended to Bhutto said she had a bullet in the back of her neck that damaged her spinal cord before it exited from the side of her head.

Another bullet pierced the back of Bhutto's shoulder and came out through her chest, the doctors said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Bhutto was given an open-heart massage, but the main cause of death was damage to her spinal cord, he said."

So she died by a bullet that passed her neck from back and exited through side of head which might have severed spinal-chord.

Now read an excellent analysis from a "Bharat" in BR forum.

You are right on !!!
To shoot an handgun at 30 feet, aiming at a moving target (albeit slowly) is great marksmanship.

Few things to know:
Did Benazir Bhutto always stick her head out of the sunroof as soon as she leaves a rally?
I believe yes, politicians always love to leave an impact and that could be tough to resist. question is, did someone inside the vehicle tell her stand up and wave to your people ?

If the guy had managed to sneak in an AK-47, it would have sprayed more bullets with a couple of lucky shots.
No.. he got a gun and fired with little time to prep on a target, in the midst of hundreds of people who were probably moving towards Benazir.
Also, the bullet is said to have gone from neck to side of head. That means an upward trajectory which is baffling... I mean, if the bullet had gone from head to neck, it would have been a sure shot sniper attack from tree or roof tops.

Also, this was a suicide bomber. If the guy had explosives strapped to him, why did he take the risk of shooting an handgun. A single missed shot and Benazir would have got inside the armored car and no suicide bomber could have harmed her.

If it was a 2 man job, where the second guy was a lookout again why take the risk that you might scare the target away. I mean Benazir's exposure, was only limited to sticking her head out of the sunroof. Why take a chance, that you might miss a shot and have her stick her head inside the armored car?
The moment you take the handgun out, people around you are going to be scared and shout. Security will notice you, and at the least the target would have been alerted. It does not make sense.

Let's look at the shot ballistics:
the bullet entered the neck and left through the side of the head.
the bullet severed the spinal cord, which was the primary reason causing death almost instantaneously.
witnesses say, that as soon as the shot was fired Benazir collapsed inside the car and through the sunroof.

First point to note, she did not collapse on the roof of the car half sticking out. So the first shot was the kill shot, which severed the spinal cord even before a spasm. A spasm (usually a forward motion of the body) would have forced her to bend over the roof of the car. The first shot caused her legs to drop(slip), so she went into the car and not on the roof.

Second point, the bullet went from neck to side of head and severed the spinal cord. So the shot was taken from the back, and not side ways.
Probably at 7.5 or 4.5 o'clock.

So the shooter was probably right behind the car. Typically, when a politician car leaves two things happen. The crowd in front of the car very reluctantly parts to give way. Once the car moves ahead of them, the crowd runs right behind it. The crowd will not just stand by the side, so for a handgun guy the crowd should have been a factor. A jostling crowd will make you lose your aim and
will notice someone putting their hand out with a gun. Everyone sticks their hand out, but a handgun is more noticeable (Unless, it is accepted as Pak tradition to fire handguns in the air)
I am not an expert on marksmanship, but 30 feet in the midst of 100+ moving people is extrordinary. It can be quite accepted, but the galle to take such a risk where you might miss the target is tough to digest.

What could have happened?
The pattern of Bhutto's sticking her head out, just as she is leaving the rally might have been noticed.
As long as she was away from the crowd (30+40 ft) on a dais, or in the midst of a crowd but 70% inside an armored vehicle a suicide bomber attack would not have been successful (point from the Karachi attack).
So the idea of shooting at her must have been conceived.
My points above indicate my skepticism on a handgun attempt. Too much risk, that she would escape unharmed.
A second close escape, might have just caused her to cut down rally's and be more careful. She could have become Prime Minister after elections, making any further attempts very tough (with the military now protecting her). Also, the very idea of her being in charge would have anathema (political or religious) to her assassins.

IMO, a sniper sat inside a parked car on the side of the road and took the shot. The suicide bomber after hearing the shots detonated the bomb to cause the confusion, mayhem and allow the sniper to escape. So the sniper could have been a professional, second having the sniper's body would open up more avenues to find out who actually masterminded the assassination.
Why did the sniper not for the side shot (side of head entry)? He would have been to close to the suicide bomber for comfort.
Why not for the more dramatic front shot ? It would lot easier for a car to be parked behind Benazir's armored vehicle then park in front. Park in front of the vehicle, and you risk Benazir not getting up on the sunroof till she is too close to you. Once you miss the front shot, then you need to reorient yourself (move from back to front seat) to take the shot from behind. Stay behind the armored car all the time, and you need to set up only to take a shot from the back.

Some basis for my theory:
A suicide bombing had failed. There might have been some half attemps or plans to repeat it, but the bombers might have failed to get close enough.
Despite what Benazir and her aides said, she was too well protected at home to attempt a suicide bombing at home.
A handgun attempt would have been a risky attempt with lots of chances of failure, so a sniper was designated the task.
The sniper was probably a professional or more important to give up his life, or he could have been a red pointer towards the mastermind and other helpers.
The security must have been really lax to allow a parked vehicle within sniper range. Or there was someone on the inside to get a vehicle (security/press) tag inside the cordon without full check (easily possible in Pakistan).

I have seen Arafat give speeches (when he was alive) and his guards would pretty much hug him as a body armor. If Benazir was always going to stand out of the sun roof, they should have got the roof bigger and have 3-4 security (female) be a body shield.
Especially covering the back and side on shots. The only shot tough to cover would be the straight in the forehead ones, which are very tough to orchestrate against a moving target.

That's my musings...

OTOH, I could be all wrong and it was indeed a crazy guy (Pakistan has enough of them) with a gun and a bomb, who decided to take the shot and then pull the bomb. Armchair experts ( yours truly) have been proven wrong countless times by facts and reality.

A question to our gun experts, does a handgun fired at 30 ft generate enough velocity to go through the body?"

Now think, is it Mushy or al-quaida..??

rathore said...

Pak. Govt. spokesman now claims that she accidentally committed suicide - banging her head on a lever as she ducked in the wake of the suicide bomber. What will they think of next?

Probably, that she had a heart attack when told about one of the following, through a transmitter embedded in her ear:

1. Karunanidhi had his afternoon tiffin while reciting couplets by Ghalib.
2. Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghose consummated their marriage.
3. Prakash Karat and Sitaram Yechury seen synchronously wiping their asses with a poster of Karl Marx.
4. Shahrukh Khan playing her in his next film Dard-e-Ironpants.
5. Rahul Gandhi formulates a 1-page proof for Fermat's last theorem.
6. N. Ram lasers off tattoo of Chairman Mao from his balls.
7. Arjun Singh gains admission into IIM under the reservation category for caste 'Jackass'.
8. Narendra Modi all set to be next PM of India, and will not tolerate her bull^&$%.

My guess would be No. 8.

Eternalsoul said...

Conspiracy theorists will have a field day with all these various theories. The theorists would do well to wonder how these same Jihadists are consistently unsuccessful in wiping out Musharraf. The man has allegedly survived nine attempts on his life! Hopefully, the next one should see him jettisoned out. Cat o' nine lives?!