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Hilarious Media Articles on Gujarat Elections -- For your reading pleasure (so to speak)

dec 24th, 2007

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Hilarious Media Articles on Gujarat Elections

December 24, 2007 by secularindia

Assembled here are a collection of articles from the mainstream media for your reading pleasure.

Some are plain mischievious, while others are devious, and a few genuinely erroneous. All the same in retrospect they are all hilarious, especially the "profound insights" of the political analysts such as Praful Bidwai and (clueless) poll pundits like Yogendra Yadav and team. One cannot help feeling that these folks' analysis are heavily clouded by their sickular prejudices and arrogance which prevents them from grasping a basic understanding the voters' mind.

Opinion Pieces
Congress speaks
Polls/Satta/Media Analysis

Opinion Pieces

This one takes the cake   –  Modi's modus operandi failing in GujaratPraful Bidwai,   (Indian journalist, political analyst, and activist!!??!), Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates - Dec 14, 2007  

"IS THE tide turning in Gujarat? A month ago, most Gujarat politicians, social scientists, activists, bureaucrats, and citizens agreed on the dead certainty of the Bharatiya Janata Party's victory in the Assembly election - but with a smaller margin.

 Today, they say, the BJP could lose - despite the Congress's timid campaign. The Congress skirted issues concerning the 2002 violence, didn't take on the BJP's "Glorious Gujarat" slogan, or gather the nerve to field more than half-a-dozen Muslims in a state where 20 Muslim MLAs used to get elected. But it might still get catapulted into power . 

All exit polls after the first-phase voting in 87 constituencies (of a total of 182) forecast a vote-swing away from the BJP. NDTV forecasts a loss of 13 seats for the BJP, placing it behind the Congress. Such a defeat will be a seismic shock for the BJP and a historic setback for the Sangh Parivar. LK Advani's laughable anointment as the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate will only aggravate the shock.   Even the party's assessment is reportedly that it's sure to win only 63 seats; and optimistically, another 15. The BJP is clearly on a downswing in Gujarat.. "

Modi's moment of truth   Yogendra Yadav (political scientist and pollster) Eminent psephologist (??!!), Indian Express, India - Dec 9, 2007
"Democracy is taking revenge on Narendra Modi. This election may well be the long deferred moment of truth for the man who invoked popular mandate to bypass norms, laws or the Constitution. We cannot yet say that he will lose this election. But a journey through Saurashtra is enough to suggest that the BJP is losing ground in this crucial region. "

Why Modi must go

Shiv Visvanathan (The writer is a social scientist currently based in Ahmedabad) The message is simple. Narendra Modi must go. He is bad for BJP, bad for democracy, bad for Gujarat..

... lots more deleted but i do like these. bidwai is one of the biggest asses in india (on the contrary, since he must be making so much money from the chinese and the arabs, one could say he is a good religious entrepreneur, much like kancha ilaiah with christist money.)

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Sriram said...

rajeev, life has never felt so good in a long while..but there is one characterstic that is common in the gutter english press, commies, pseudos, kongressis, etc - they are all notoriously thick skinned and live in a delusional world, so this wont really cause them to shut up for more than a week at the most..their hatred for hindus has a missionary zeal to it..all said still the best xmas ever for us hindus..who said sandy claus was christian :)..if the vatican hears this they will excommunicate mr claus :)