Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Eek! The Pandits are Coming!

Notice how NYT reacts to the news about Vikram Pandit being promoted to CitiGroup CEO, by immediately publishing an article that also mentions Farooq Kathwari, CEO of Ethan Allen Furniture, who is also an activist for Kashmiri separatism:

M. Farooq Kathwari, chief executive at Ethan Allen Interiors, said he had been shaped by his experience moving on his own at age 21 from the Kashmir region of India to the United States.

“A foreign-born person is by nature an entrepreneur,” Mr. Kathwari said. “When you leave your home, leave your family and come to a different country, you have had the instincts of an entrepreneur.”

Mr. Kathwari said his childhood in Kashmir, hiking up mountains, taught him the importance of pacing himself. The political conflict there, he said, taught him the importance of fairness. “Justice” is now a leadership principle at Ethan Allen.

Vikram Pandit was born in Nagpur, Maharashtra, and has never had any connection with the Kashmir issue. After all, Pandit is a fairly common surname. But just because he has the name Pandit, the India-baiting brigade at NYT go into a tizzy, and have to go out of their way to make reference to Kashmiri Muslims and the separatist cause.

Because it would be ghastly to talk about a Pandit without giving equal time to a non-Pandit Kashmiri Muslim, now wouldn't it? Never mind the fact that Vikram Pandit isn't from Kashmir.

What miserable racial stereotyping by NYT. All these idiots see is Kashmir.

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