Monday, December 24, 2007

UPI Calls It Right

I liked the opening paragraph in this

United Press International News Article on Gujarat Elections

NEW DELHI, Dec. 24 (UPI) -- Voters in Gujarat state ignored the Indian ruling coalition's effort to paint their chief minister as a Hindu fanatic by re-electing him with a big majority.

They're just a wire news service, but to me, that's a fair description of what happened.


TallIndian said...

It isn't just a wire news service, UPI is owned by the Moonies.

Shivaji's Blog said...


I can't believe that a press service actually reported a story with no derogatory adjectives before Modi's name!

It's incredible how stupid people really are. Western leaders have wiped out millions of muslims with carpet-bombing with daisycutters in the past six years with missiles and UAVs, and the ENTIRE Indian media is silent...not even a pindrop.

But Mr. Modi is apparently a genocidal maniac because he didn't act fast enough to protect lives!

The hypocrisy of the Indian media is disgusting, sick, and demented. The only befitting reply is to boycott any and all Indian papers that show such prejudice and partiality.

We need to identify the specific authors and publications and we MUST REFUSE TO READ THEM. Let these trashy journalists be relegated to the dung heap where they belong. Trust me, if Hindus refuse to read these papers, these papers will lose their advertising rupees and let's see how impartial they become when they have to sing for their supper.

Shivaji's Blog said...

Development under CM Modi. The results speak for themselves.

Harish said...


According to Sagarika, voting Modi makes India, dictatorial and undemocratic :-)

Man, when will these guys ever see reality!!!

socal said...

"need to identify the specific authors and publications"

I beg to differ. Boycott is not going to achieve anything. This is a war of ideas and should be fought as such. Present viable alternative ideas, wean their readership away- or, confidently articulate your own when time demands. Secularists feed on attention. And attention comes from presentable, appealing ideas. You deprive them either one and you've successfully nullified their existence.

Uddharet said...

A news report in the Indian Express ( CJI cites Gujarat riots to make his point: don’t mix terror and communalism, Posted online: Sunday, December 23, 2007 at 0000 hrs IST, says:
“At a time when election rhetoric in Gujarat echoed a volatile mix of terrorism and communalism, Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan today sought to draw a clear line between the two. And in a direct indictment of Narendra Modi’s BJP government, hit out against the "communalisation of anti-terror laws".
“While delivering the 20th Intelligence Bureau Centenary Endowment Lecture here today, Justice Balakrishnan, to stress his message, quoted from the National Human Rights Commission’s report on the Godhra riots of 2002: "There is no doubt...that there was a comprehensive failure of the state government to control the persistent violation of the rights to life, liberty, equality and dignity of the people of the state. It is essential to heal the wounds and to look to a future of peace and remains of fundamental importance that the measures that require to be taken to bring the violators of human rights to book."”

I feel disturbed by the statements attributed to the CJI. I think the Indian Express has put words in CJI's mouth by saying that what the CJI said was a "direct indictment of the Narendra Modi's BJP government". More importantly, if the CJI really 'indicted' "Modi's BJP government" I feel it is shocking, because, the CJI was giving a public lecture, and not delivering a judgment in his Court, and, therefore, should have avoided making that judgmental statement — also and especially because Mr. Modi and BJP were not accorded an opportunity to be heard and to defend themselves.