Friday, December 21, 2007

Nehruvian Stalinist pee's his pants - wants RSS back
This piece confirms some ideas I have already shared about the Stalinist presswallahs and Modi. They hate him because

1- He does not care about the Muslim vote-bank - and certainly does not plead in the name of secularism (pseudo or otherwise)
2- He does not care to speak in Anglicised Hindi, English or best of all recite Urdu couplets. They like I.K Gujaral more than H D Deve Gowda - though both were equally disastrous
3- When it comes to the Nehruvian Scatology Machine's attacks on him - he has the gumption to fight shit with shit

Exhibit A - most senior leaders of the BJP have risen from the parliamentary system of the fifties and the sixties. They have, therefore, conducted their politics within the broader parameters of constitutionalism and parliamentary sobriety - in other words by behaving like bleating lambs in front of the Nehruvian establishment

Exhibit B - He may be an icon of aggressive Hindutva, but Modi has emerged as the first BJP leader ever to defy the moral and political authority of the RSS. He has not deferred to them. He has, in fact, defied them. He has even prevented RSS boys and sympathisers the power of making money on the side
Unbelievable - this from folks who in the early 90's talked of the BJP's "Hidden Agenda" , about it being "remote-controlled from Nagpur". Now that there is guy who is not being remote controlled these idiots are wishing that it were. You cannot have it both ways - Power Theft Gupta needs to get his head out of his ass!


Shahryar said...

"Power Theft Gupta"


Kaunteya said...

whoa..that mahajan story is totally made up.
slimey little jack ass this gupta fella

karyakarta92 said...

Shekhar Guptas story is total psec BS. Conveniently for psec scumbag,
Pramod Mahajan is not alive to rebut this slander.