Monday, December 31, 2007

Muslims secede from India - Sonia pays for celebration
If you believe Sachar's report - the Muslims in India are not really free and hence have no reason to celebrate. It stands to reason then that the only independence they would celebrate is the one from India.

Even for a completely self-debased Dhimmi - our Prime Minister (PM Singh aka PMS)- has outdone himself. Wonder if Ashis Nandy will do an 'interview' with this guy. Let me guess - MMS has an unresolved Oedipus Complex. Yes that's right - he so wants Sonia's exclusive attention and is very obviously jealous of Raul Nehru, because he associates Raul with Rajiv Nehru, who was the reason for the Oedipus Complex in the first place. That villain.


Sudarshan said...

I wonder if this Rajinder Sachar is the son of Bhim Sen Sachar (a one time Punjab CM)? Because Bhim Sen Sachar was your regular congressi in pre-Independence India, the type who railed at RSS for being communal etc. When the riots started in Lahore, he was supremely confident that the Muslim mobs would leave him alone, because he was oh, so secular. The cops were mostly Muslims and one fine day the RSS office got a hysterical phone call from him to pleeease send some volunteers to guard his kothi! In the end he fled to Amritsar hidden under a sofa in the back of a truck. I've got this from someone who was in Lahore at the time. Only, I don't know if this Rajinder Sachar chap is related to him or not.

Sameer said...

Yes Sudarshan,
He is the same Bas****. Rajinder must be his son.
Such people should have been killed there itself. Maybe the Pakis left him safe knowing that he can cause more damage to us than they can.

Eternalsoul said...

On an aside, has anyone noticed that in the epaper edition of TOI on the 1st, in the comments on an article about Sonia's hospitalisation due to asthma, there are only a bunch of goodwill messages for her! Not a single comment about anything negative about her. Surely TOI has something to do with this,I feel.