Monday, December 17, 2007

Malaysia silencing "Ethnic Indians" with illegal detention

It is indeed a Silence of the Lambs, procured by false propaganda of terror links against the Hindu leadership and illegal detention under a draconian law. Drunk in the pan-Islamist jihadi ideology, the Malay Mohammedan supremacists are not sincere about genuine dialogue or reconciliation. The "dialogue" with Sarkari Tamil windbag Samy Vellu is a farce when the real representatives of the oppressed Hindu minority are incarcerated and muzzled. Samy Vellu, having reiterated repeatedly that "Ethnic Indians" in Malaysia enjoy "freedom" and denying the very existence of any racial/religious problems in Malaysia is a classic dhimmi negationist. He represents the Hindus of Malaysia as much as dhimmi Sudheendra Kulkarni or "Swami" Agnivesh represent the Hindus of India in their "inter-religious dialogue" organised by the Vatican.

Actually, Malaysia does discriminate even against Christians, although to a far lesser extent than it's brutal suppression of the defenseless Hindus. The world can ill afford the emergence of yet another oil rich Jihadi state.

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