Thursday, December 27, 2007

comparing bhutto dynasty and nehru dynasty: the Hindu Gene Theory

dec 28th, 2007

lots of comparisons i suspect in the ELM. no point reading any of the drivel they come up with.

here's what i see: the bhuttos were *far* smarter than the nehrus. benazir could run rings around the entire indian political class, and zulfikar did just that to indira nehru. even though one might disagree with their tactics or their objectives, one has to agree that the bhuttos were smart people.

benazir was valedictorian at oxford and an acknowledged orator and debater. in a deeply patriarchal society, she managed to be prime minister for several terms.

nehru was the last one of his dynasty to get a college degree until varun about 50 years after him. indira nehru, rajiv nehru, sonia nehru, rahul nehru, priyanka nehru, none of them got any degree (except rahul got the kind that you buy on the internet from wal-mart). i mean, not being able to get a college degree, any degree, in anything, even advanced basket-weaving -- that is a serious accomplishment.


here's my new theory: it's the paucity of hindu genes. let's call it the Hindu Gene Theory (cf. Aryan Invasion Fairytale). this is copyrighted, but you may feel free to propagate it.

bhutto's mother was a hindu. so benazir has a fair amount of hindu genes.

nehru's grandfather was one ganga dhar. there is circumstantial evidence to indicate that he was actually one ghiyasuddin ghazi, a constable (kotwal) in delhi. after the 1857 events, the limeys were pretty mean to the mohammedans in delhi, so ghiyasuddin ghazi ran off and reappeared as 'ganga dhar' (odd name, isn't it?). there is only one extant photo of the fellow claiming to be 'ganga dhar': and that is in 'full pathan dress', with a huge beard. very odd, isn't it, that someone would buy an extremely expensive photo (would have cost a few months' salary in those days) of himself wearing 'full pathan dress'? unless, of course, he *was* a pathan.

so the only hindus in the nehru gene pool were jawaharlal's mother and wife.

so nehru and indira nehru were average intellects IQ wise, although nehru thought he was a genius. (he was a grade A fool, but that's hard to measure with IQ tests).

rajiv nehru, son of indira nehru and a mohammedan (feroze ghandi), was below average in the gray matter area. exhibit a, otherwise how on earth would he be hooked by someone like sonia? sonia is also no intellectual giant (her clever ideas come from vincent george, the svengali).

rajiv nehru's son rahul nehru is borderline dan quayle: the same 'deer-caught-in-the-headlights' look, aka 'the lights are on, but there's nobody home' look.

i dread to think of what priyanka nehru and robert vadhera's offspring will be like. surely no intellectual giant. the semitic genes just don't cut it.

thus, with every passing generation, the hindu gene in the nehru dynasty has diminished. and there is strong correlation with the level of intelligence.

QED: the difference between the bhutto dynasty and the nehru dynasty: the lesser the hindu genes, the less clever the dynasty scion. HGT (Hindu Gene Theory) rules!

postscript: so how did we clever hindus allow these semites to gain power? that has to remain one of those imponderable mysteries of the universe. but modi has showed us how to fix this, and now himachal pradesh is doing the same. early elections, anyone? what was it that you said, manmohan? sonia? yechuri? can't hear you? ROTFL!

ps2: how did the clever bhuttos get themselves killed? well, it happens. the not-so-clever nehrus also got themselves killed. this is an incidental risk that comes with the job of looting the respective countries and acting as mr./ms. 10%


KapiDhwaja said...

Here is a funny comment regarding the relationship between Musharraf & US, from a regular at BR:

with this incident Mush arrives in the big league of Unkil baiters like PRC, Noko and Iran - a very select club who regularly ungli(finger) Unkil and still prosper sometimes with Unkils own money.

PRC as we know is the founder and champion of this club. the trick is to
ungli unkil but carefully manage the depth to an extent wherein Unkil is not
compelled to lash back. it takes a genius to do it over prolonged time and I think Mush has now done enough to be awarded title of "distinguished member"

Ghost Writer said...

Clever long mail Rajeev - but how do you square that with the fact that the Muslims are descendent's of Hindu converts and hence genetically at least - all of the same pool? Cannot have it both ways can we?

I have a better theory - it's called the Scripture Inerrancy Belief Ration (SIBR)- which is defined as the extent to which you think of your scriptures as the complete and inerrant word of god.

As Jawahar Lal and his descendants are progressively unaware of their civilisational inheritance they are progressively dumb. As Bhutto and his off-spring are comparatively more aware of their scripture (including the parts obout Al-Taqiyah) they are smart, but evil. I know the bearded Mullahs may disagree and say that Benazir is not aware of the scripture, but come one even a monkey can understand loot, kill, rape, pillage, etc. After all it's not Vedanta!

My theory has the positive of blaming their scripture while reminding them that they are after all - converts.

nizhal yoddha said...

ah, ghostwriter, didn't you read recently about how evolution has accelerated in humans? so the negative effects of semitic genes (the famous 'by injection' effects) and of semitic practices (blind faith) accrue rapidly to the populace. in a generation or two, all the positive effects of hindu genes are lost, and you get... samuel reddy!

Anand said...

Rajiv, two errors in fact. First, not all Pathans are Muslims. There are Hindu Pathans too. Now there are no Hindu Pathans any more in NWFP or Pakistan, they migrated after Partition. The erstwhile No1 family of filmdom, the Kapoors aare Pathans if I mistake not. So was Balraj Sahni, I believe. And I have a friend, very much a Hindu who told me this about a Pathans as she is of Pathan lineage. No Muslim in her bloodline either.

Two, Feroze Gandhi was not Mohammmedan, he was a Parsi.

sands said...

dude anand i think this business abt feroze gandhi being a parsi is old "secular joke" i dunno still how many people belive tis ... simple whoz then is father i.e feroz "gandhi " alias feroz khan 's father remember always every grandchild has two sets of grand parents always rajiv grand pa is nehru whoz the other

Anonymous said...

On page 93 of her book "Indira: The Life of Indira Nehru Gandhi", Katherine Frank mentions the name of Feroze Gandhi's father Jehangir Gandhy a Parsi with a Gujarati name. Feroze Gandhi, therefore took the last name Gandhi from his father.

Sameer said...

Hey its good to see a lot of Evolution theories on this blog. (Copyrights respected for each creator).

Its great to see the BJP in Himachal Pradesh. The news papers and media is showing Benazir in such a way as if some important indian leader died, I bet even our Prime Moron would not get such coverage if he is killed, perhaps the scions of the Nehru dynasty are the only ones who might get more coverage.
I've read in many websites that Feroz 'Ghandy' was actually a muslim, and that it was cleverly camouflaged that he was a Parsi, and that 'Mahatma' Gandhi 'adopted' Feroz so that common Indians could swallow that Indira did not marry a muslim.
Whatever, that dynasty has a lot of murky history and we will be better off without them.

This is off topic, but I observed this when I was watching a small video which played in the Merlion museum at Sentosa park in Singapore. The actual legend (which has Hindu roots) is that the prince Sang Nila Uttama of Sri Vijaya dynasty (which has Hindu/Buddhist roots) got shipwrecked and landed on an island and there he saw a lion, he felt charmed by the island and decided to build a city, named Singapura (Singha = Lion in Sanskrit and Tamil and Pura = City).
But I got to hear a De-Hinduised and a bit Christianised one there. They said the prince was the grand son of a famous ruler (dont recollect the name) who was believed to be 'Alexander'. (Alexander was many centures before Sri Vijaya Dynasty, infact even before 'Christ'). Anyway, it was said that the Grand Father of the prince gave him a crown which was from believed to be from 'King Solomon'. I am sure Singapore too must be having their Romilla Thapars and Irfan Habibs.
I was surprised with such de-Hinduising of their history, looks like Malay-Muslim influence and a bit of Christist influence had a hand in this.
Saw many beautiful Hindu Mandirs there (some very old ones) and some nice Buddhist temples (Chinese). Ofcourse Mosques and Churches were there, thing like Tamil Church, Syrian Christian Church, Malay Church, Chinese Church were common, it being Christmas time, one could see Christmas trees virtually everywhere as if it were some European country, ofcourse now Christmas is being celebrated everywhere and not just by Christists, nice marketing gimmick, like Valentine day, Friend's day, this day, that day etc, It reminds me of the article in your blog of 'Christmas manufactured in China'.

Sohan said...

"Hindu genes"? This is a joke, right?

nizhal yoddha said...

no more a joke, sohan, than the 'aryan' invasion fairytale. or 'saint' thomas's alleged arrival in india. or the entire idea of 'dravidian'.

a theory is a crackpot hypothesis with an army behind it :-) and as soon as i can raise an army, this hypothesis will become the truth, and JNU will be teaching it to helpless students. wendy doniger and romila thapar will write long, flatulent essays about it and their manasaputras/putris will lap it up.

now where do i find an army?

nizhal yoddha said...

anand, maybe there are/were hindu pathans.

but 'ganga dhar' was not supposed to be a pathan, hindu or mohammedan. he was supposed to be a kashmiri pundit, who dresses quite differently. why on earth would a kashmiri pundit grow a beard and wear a full pathan dress for a portrait? ergo, he was a pathan. QED.

anand said...

Rajeev, maybe I am notentirely correct about Feroze Gandhi, as so many more have offered info to the contrary. My info is based on what I have read, but that could be the palatable version for the public. Yes, I do not really recall reading much about his parents or other family history. Perhaps they were too nondescript to merit mention; perhaps there is truth in what is being claimed about him being a Muslim.