Sunday, December 23, 2007

"the dog it was that died": an elegy on the death of a mad dog

dec 23rd, 2007

man-bites-dog story: this old poem is *so* appropriate for the rogues in the indian english language media and their collaborators in the foreign media.

            29    But soon a wonder came to light,
            30    That shew'd the rogues they lied,
            31    The man recovered of the bite,
            32    The dog it was that dy'd.

in case it's not obvious, man = modi; mad dog = media and their "truth by repeated assertion" invoking the likes of a lying padre, whose middle name is '2000'.

the media is only aware of how a train "spontaneously combusted while it was traveling through a mohammedan neighborhood". (i am eagerly awaiting explanations of how, a couple of days ago, a mosque in sherpao, pakistan, "spontaneously exploded in a hail of grenades and machine gun bullets while eid prayers were going on".)

we really need to rewrite the laws of physics by paying attention to these innumerates.



socal said...

Won't that be turning the poem on its head?

nizhal yoddha said...

not really. it's the fact that rogues lied that's relevant.

Sriram said...

The hindus in Malaysia demonstrated what we need to do in India - (what an irony). Come out in large numbers against this dhimmis.