Monday, December 24, 2007

sullen mohammedans on having to live with modi

dec 24th, 2007

comment from my friend g (g is a former christist, who has seen the belly of the beast of christism and abandoned it.)

he ain't that keen on other semitics either.


The declaration below reveals what it takes barbarians to become peaceful,
civilised citizens.

"Ziauddin Shaikh, a shopkeeper, says, "Modi is a reality and Muslims cannot
do anything about him. We have to live with him. I feel we all have to come
to one understanding. If you cannot defeat Modi, then join him. At least
then, he will not kill you or disturb law and order."

'Allah is with Narendra Modi'

Rediff; Syed Firdaus Ashraf in Ahmedabad | December 23, 2007 | 17:07 IST

A group of bearded Muslim men stand outside a tea shop in the Khanpur area
of Ahmedabad.

They watch a joyous celebration but don't participate in it.

Drummers play loud music and firecrackers explode all over the place.

The reason for Sunday's celebration is the Bharatiya Janata Party's triumph
in Gujarat. BJP workers have assembled in the hundreds at the party office
after Chief Minister Narendra Modi retained the state for the BJP.

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Anoop's Blog said...

This is such a bull...I thought we are democratic country... It is not just non-hindus live in India...

If majority chose irrespective which party has won, we as citizens of this great country need to support the government that is in ruling..Aren't we supporting MMS?

Am I missing something?