Saturday, December 29, 2007

Behold Das Kapital- He that speaks from his ass

Only a few weeks ago Gurcharan Das went to bat for the Congress, after taking coaching lessons from Martha Nussbaum. The article was everything you expect from the diseased mentality of the Dhimmi - People like Modi "fear religious and ethnic differences and the idea of a plural society" . We all have a clash inside of us and to win this battle within us "The choice in the end is easy - vote out Modi"

Alas Modi wins. But hatred for the man - like that famous comic character - is the Ghost that Walks, the Man that Cannot Die. Now what do we get?
" Having just been re-elected, it would be fitting for Modi to apologise to Gujarat's Muslims in return for forgiveness."

Talk of balls - this guy certainly has a pair on him.

I have a better idea - Mr Modi having been re-elected, why does not Mr. Das apologize to the people of Gujarat for disrespecting them and their verdict in return for 'forgiveness'? And while apologies are being called for, just how far back in history should we travel? Why stop at 2002? How about Somnath and the 'memory of Ghazni' that are fresh in their minds?

Oh I forgot - those are Hindu memories. They seek and deserve no forgiveness. Only Hindus should apologize and only Hindus should forgive. Nussbaum says so.

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Nirnaami said...

Gurcharan Das has quite an inflated opinion about himself. Once remarked (on Movers & Shakers show to Shekar Suman)that he was working on his magnum opus on Hindutva as " he alone understood it well with its Naatya Shastra...." and blahblahed for a while. Once claimed his mother was very " pious " observing fasts and all that. Hence imagines he knows it all.

Certainly does not have it in him to apologise.