Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tony Blair's faith inspired limey participation in Iraq war

Apparently, the funny speaking Tony Blair (he was mocked on Saturday Night Live as "gay" for his funny accent) has been a closet Catholic for a long time. The Vatican's bloodlust was what motivated him to commit British troops to participate in the "coalition of the willing" invading Iraq. His formal "conversion" from one sect of the imperialistic christist cult, Anglicanism to a more rabid sect, Catholicism is inconsequential. What is serious and consequential to us is the Vatican's control on all aspects of national policy under overt Catholic Sonia Ghandy aka the Shroud of Turin. Sonia's adamant insistence on consummating the nuclear "deal" is derived, at least partially from Ratzy's green signal to crucify India's deterrent against foreign invasion.

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