Wednesday, December 26, 2007

teflon madam: She can only win, never lose!

dec 26th, 2007

like reagan, the original teflon guy. nothing would stick to him.

in fact, this is a horrible defeat for:

1. sonia
2. rahul
3. shabana azmi's husband the bollywood screenwriter, who came up with 'merchants of death'
4. teesta setalvad
5. n ram, praful bidwai, barkha dutt, rajdeep sardesai, prannoy roy

this defeat how little these worthies actually count for in the big picture.

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From: Anand

She can only win, never lose!
Wednesday December 26 2007 08:18 IST


"WHO is the real winner in Gujarat elections?

BJP or Modi?


Finally poor Hariprasad Solanki, Gujarat Congress party president, has become the 'bakra' – the sacrificial goat. He was forced to go to the party office in Delhi and own up the defeat as his(!) so that Sonia remains the victor. Imagine the party had won Gujarat. Would Hariprasad be allowed to share photo with the victor Sonia?

After she made it emphatically known that she is the real key and Manmohan Singh is the duplicate one, this Congress sycophancy has become an accepted media discipline. Result: All good things happening for the party and in the government are unfailingly credited to her. Whether it is employment guarantee or rural development, it is all conceded as her agenda.

She inaugurates all projects and plans with the Prime Minister as the clapper boy. She is all over in government ads. When oil prices rise, the blame goes to poor PM. When it is cut, it is on her orders! When oil prices are not raised, minister says that it is on her directive. If the Congress party wins an election, it is due to her, but if it loses Hariprasads will bear the cross. In sum, she is exempt here from all scrutiny by the media. It is media's collective endeavour, not just isolated Congress effort, to keep her above blame, faultless. Hence the debate on who is the loser among the victors in Gujarat, so that the real loser, Sonia, is kept out of discussion.

QED: Sonia can only win. She can never lose.

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