Saturday, December 29, 2007

Karan Thapar Calls for Modi's Assassination?

Karan Thapar in HindustanTimes seems to be calling for Modi's assassination:

"Only the sudden removal of Narendra Modi can stop this."

I don't think there's a whole lot of different ways to interpret that statement. I guess the Left are allowed to get away with openly calling for a politician's murder.


TallIndian said...

Whatever their faults, Nehru, Madame, and even Rajiv had some ability to attract voters.

Sonia and Rahul are absolute ciphers in the charisma category.

As long as these two are at the helm of the Congress, the BJP should do very well.

ramesh said...

Christian u are brilliant. Completely agree with you. The sooner Christianity is wiped out, the better for India. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Shivaji's Blog said...

I won't say that "I told you so." This is the ONLY way the UPA can win. Modi better be careful. I hope he has good protection. The Marxist Indian media is just speaking the mind of their empress; their Goddess Durga.

There is no other way for the UPA to win. We're in a whole new world now. The momentum is against them. They have no alternative.

Question is---what will Hindus do if and when this happens?

Shivaji's Blog said...

Te reason why Karan Thapar wants Modi dead:

Karigar said...

Karan is imbecile - he lacks the imagination to figure out what would be the consequences of the "sudden removal" of Modi.

Anonymous said...

If he can figure things out, he wont be a commie, now ,will he? :)

C S Sundaresha said...

This is not not a small issue. virtually Karan Thapar and editor of Hindustan Times given a call to assassinate Mr Modi!! After the indipendence no media has given a call to eliminate a Chief Minister of a state. Immediate arrest of Karan and the Editor of hindustan times is imminent. Need the hour is a public interest litigation in a High Coaut.

reason said...

So Karan Thapar says it is Modi who forced him to lick Sonia's boot. What a cry-baby. And what an as*hole.

Not just 'sudden removal' - his diarrhea also says 'And whilst he’s with us,'. There can be absolutely no doubts about what he is suggesting.

And what a spectacular idiotic dimwit as*hole. 'She' indeed. There is another lady Mayawati - who just finished kicking some serious dynastic baby butt this year in UP and is set on conquering new lands. This as*hole may wish for the 'sudden removal' of her too.

What disgusting as*holes.

habc said...

I guess the pseudo-secularists want a civil war.

Nirnaami said...

Recall reading Karan Thapar's wife "died" under " mysterious circumstances" , obviously Karan getting himself acquitted as above board.

Not to be dismissed as a wild ranting of some demented fanatic.

habc said...


FROM another blog

Karan Thapar’s father P N)…Thapar has the distinction of being the only Army chief who had to quit in disgrace. And Manekshaw has the distinction of having been the most successful chief ever. What many Army officers want to know is: Why is General P.N. Thapar’s son now interviewing people who are willing to throw dirt on Manekshaw?…>>>

His father General P.N. Thapar, was chief of army staff during 1962 war. We know what happened. India lost big chunk of north India. Army was ill prepared. Recently Karan Thapar tried to put blame on Gen Manekshaw’s name in the context of someone passing on defence secrets to Pakistan based on Gohar book.
He is an idiot without any morality or ethics and is a loser.

tit-bit on his father
One is that given by Gen. S.S.P. Thorat who was superseded for the post of Army Chief after retirement of Gen. Thimayya in 1961. As Corps Commander of NEFA, Thorat had prepared a plan to meet the Chinese challenge but was bypassed and retired to favour the mediocre, Gen. P.N. Thapar."

Guys - Please help to update his wikipedia page with this new information

Sullying Sam
Menon also appointed the pliable Gen. P.N. Thapar to succeed K.S. Thimayya (whom Menon hated) as Army chief.

Thimayya's favourites-mainly Lt-Gen. S.P.P. Thorat, J.N. Choudhuri and Manekshaw-were sidelined during the Thapar-Kaul days. Thorat, who was a contender for the chief's post against Thapar, retired as a lieutenant-general. Thapar and Kaul also tried to block Manekshaw's promotion by instituting a frivolous inquiry against him.
The fortunes of Choudhuri and Manekshaw looked up after the Thapar-Kaul duo goofed up the 1962 war. Thapar resigned forthwith, and was succeeded as chief by Choudhuri. Thapar later managed an ambassadorship in Afghanistan.

Karan Thapar's Hatchet Job on Sam Bahadur (Maneckshaw)

Nirnaami said...

The stridently 'rough & tough ' Karan Tapar goes mushy, drooling beyond control while interviewing Sharmila Tagores, Miss Indias/Worlds and kamal hassans.

nizhal yoddha said...

interesting revelations about thapar's dad. so dad was a traitor, and son is seditious and an accessory to murder. figures.

i have never found the guy to be a good interviewer. he is simply too bellicose and with that jaw (like an icebreaker) he looks like a neandarthal; not very evolved a creature. i have never watched him for more than 5 minutes. a good interviewer will draw out a person and get him to reveal things, not give him a third degree interrogation, which makes people clam up.

someone wrote me that he was interviewed by karan (of koffee fame) and said that modi called him (thapar) up and told him he loved him.

very very interesting. modi is not known to do senseless things.

therefore this means a) karan is hallucinating, b) karan is in love with modi , c) karan is preparing the 'insanity defense' in case he is prosecuted for inciting murder.

maybe karan secretly dresses up in leather and has a leather-clad dominatrix leash him and whip him and give him enemas. (say, did he go to boarding school? that would be a clue, too, just like all those limey traitors eg. kim philby). he is attracted to powerful authority figures, and in modi's case, he is desperately trying to get modi's attention!

and now someone said karan wife 'died' mysteriously. ok, so he's a misogynist and a possible murderer. he must be a closet gay, and he is now sublimating by falling in love with modi, and in the usual way of the delusionary, claiming the object of his affection actually loves him! what a messed up person! he should be institutionalized (of course that is what he is angling for -- the 'insanity defense').

Anonymous said...

I tried to comment on Times of India and Hindustan Times. They refused to post it. I guess that is a no-brainer. I simply wanted to see what they would do :)

yoda the nizhal said...

Dear Yoddha,

"..and now someone said karan wife 'died' mysteriously. ok, so he's a misogynist and a possible murderer. he must be a closet gay, and he is now sublimating by falling in love with modi, and in the usual way of the delusionary, claiming the object of his affection actually loves him.."'

This is really sad.

A visit to NIMHANS would be a good idea, since you are in Bangalore these days.

Best regards.

guru said...


Another from this family is that Romila Thapar who spews venom on hindus/hinustan...I guess the entire family is screwed up and urgently need psychiatric help

nizhal yoddha said...

i like this creature yoda for comic relief. i guess they let him out of the padded cell at nimhans for a day or two.

no, i don't live in bangalore. i was thinking of a wonderful girlfriend i had in bangalore years ago when i lived there. she used to be *very* annoyed by my refusal to celebrate jan 1.

san said...

What relation is Romila Thapar to Karan Thapar? Are they brother and sister?

Anonymous said...

FINALLY, it looks like this issue is catching on. I see this issue discussed on a lot of blogs. Just type "karan thapar assassination modi" and look at all the results.

I hope this results in a PIL against Thapar

Anonymous said...

I meant type "karan thapar assassination modi" in Google :)

habc said...

His father was sent off to Afghanistan, maybe Karan Thapar could be "suddenly removed" to the Indian embassy in Kandahar. He could get a couple of aashnas and then have a nightly interview which he could call as "hard talk". This would keep him satisfied and he could overcome all his inner "issues"

There is also a BR thread on this

Shanth said...

Need Of the Hour: Hindu Unity

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Pankaj said...

More than the Jihadi elements, it’s the so-called secularists who are a greater threat. It's the latter who gives the moral support to the former. One of them eagerly prays for Bal Thakrey’s assassination in similar ways. She is a very famous name and I've personally heard her say it. She often stages dance-dramas and lectures on Gandhi and non-violence in her public appearances.

Check out my own views on the recently concluded Gujarat polls at:

Pankaj Mohan