Tuesday, December 25, 2007

"Hindu Extremists Convert 2000 Tribals From Christianity"

dec 25th, 2007

good for them.

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From: Kumar


Those damn brutal Hindus!

Cedric Prakash was cited in the article stating that Hindus want to "dampen the peaceful environment", and that tribals convert to christianity because ALL christians are equal in front of God. Wow. Bold claims. I guess Cedric never heard of Jim Crow, slavery, apartheid, smallpox annihilation of native americans, forcing opium down chinese throats, inquisition,...

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Suchin said...

Hi Rajeev, I have been a reader of your articles since seven to eight years. I dont know if you remember we talked on Yahoo IM once.

It is very nice to read your uncensored articles on your own blog. I greatly admire your thoughts. I even included your link in my blog.

Also, just in case you have missed, I found a very detailed original document written about conversions that had been going on since 1840 in Orissa. I have it in one of my post on Orissa conversions. Please read through the PDF document in case you haven't. We can't really have a better document evidence like this to show it up a christian evangelist/support's face.