Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Media-Sonia syndicate
"Yet, she keeps mum and instead employs her Alsatians to bark at others"

Yes - she does indeed. There is something very familiar at Congressmen genuflecting at her feet - reminds me of Jawaharlal - he that thought only Mountbatten could be Governor-General. Indians were of course, not good enough

If the Congressmen build a toilet bowl, it is because of Madam's leadership; if it leaks, it is because they themselves cannot piss right!


Abhi said...

I love your last analogy :)

Shivaji's Blog said...

This is absolute 100% proof that sonia is paying of the media. There is NO way that someone could escape this kind of scrutiny. The shame of this entire episode is that our media will paint her as a victor!

How shameful of we Indians that there are those among us that would fall for such lies...SAD.

I would feel better if there were NO stories about sonia. This would indicate that she is irrelevant. Instead, even her detractors hang on her every gesture and move. what an absolute waste.

Are we such slaves?!?!

Anandkumar said...
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nizhal yoddha said...

i need to ensure that libellous and defamatory statements are not allowed on this blog. please co-operate.

Uddharet said...

If the Congress is purged of the Eyetalian woman and her coterie, perhaps it might become a less obnoxious party. It might even become a decent party, committed to and capable of protecting national interests. Even if the Eyetalian takes with her all the money -- for example in various "trusts" -- that has been looted from the nation, the price paid would be worth the riddance. But then, if the purge takes place, will anything be left in the party?

habc said...

'I'll concede defeat if I've made a single communal speech' - Modi

Today through you I am making an offer. You appoint a panel of three eminent and independent persons, whoever they may be. I am ready to submit CDs of all my speeches to them. If they find that I have made a single communal speech then, I declare I will concede defeat. But talking against terrorism is not communalism. Asking for the safety of people is not communalism. How can it be when no development is possible without guaranteeing safety. The problem is you talk of any issue of public importance, be it terrorism, family planning or common civil code, you are branded "communal" straight away. This is worrisome. And if you ask my opinion, this very trend is communal.