Tuesday, December 25, 2007

P-sec media cries about Orissa bandh

Orissa: Man killed during VHP bandh;curfew imposed
Notice how the violence that was a reaction is real - but the violence that was actually perpetrated first is - hold your breath - "alleged" - ah yes - like the 'alleged' theories of spontaneous combustion that James Astill loves to write about

"The meeting was called to protest the alleged attack on an anti-conversion leader"
And no mentions at all of course that the leader in question is an 80 year old - Swami Laxmanananda Sarswati; who by the way now says that it was the Congress (those truly secular folks) that led the attack. Of course not - folks that are 'anti-conversion' only have alleged attacks on them - they have no human rights and are not allowed any rage.

I am waiting for the report that says that 'Christains' attacked the Swami because he raped nuns - just like they did in Jhabua

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