Thursday, December 27, 2007

LOL time

One of the complaints I read in Times of India about Modi is that he is trying to make Hinduism into something like the desert religions (monotheist and organized).  I thought this is exactly what the dhimmi pseudo-seculars want, dont they? 
Whats wrong with it, dear pseudo-liberals?  Do you imply that its bad to be monotheist?? Or that its good but Hinduism should not be monotheist, organized and united? Do you want that Hindus should always serve as punching bags to hit whenever things go wrong (Remember the Hindu rate of growth comment by Nehru).  Where are individual freedom and liberalism, that you swear by (mostly wrongly), when you opposed Modi after he proposed lifting liquor prohibition in SEZs in Gujarat?  Should I not, as a citizen of India and above the legal age, have the freedom to consume a little beer ;-) when I am in Gujarat.  Or do you think its okay if wise pseudo-secular Nehruvian Stalinists decide what is good for me, but not anyone else?
Apart from that, why abuse Gujaratis? By abusing Gujaratis as a community (there have been many instances and articles by Jug Suraiya, Ramachandra Guha, Ashis Nandy etc doing that), you are directly attacking the logic and premises (if there are any) on which your dhimmitude rests...
Dear pseudo-seculars, I know that your mind is muddled.  To clear that, for once try going by facts and the ideals you claim to stand for, and not just go against your opponents blindly.
By the way, its LOL time :-)  Jug Suraiya is funny. He even coins a new word - Moditva

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