Friday, December 28, 2007

Asif Zardari aka Mr. Bhutto to sue Toyota
That's right. She was attempting to head a goal in - like in soccer, when the Lexus sunroof lever magically appeared and killed her. Asif Zardari is now planning to sue Toyota (James Astill to get 10% of what Toyota pays up)

Funny these shooters is Pakistan - they keep missing. It does not matter if it is Musharraf or Bhutto. Only Musharraf lives on because he does not have a sunroof. Sunroof is un-Islamic (haraam) of course - because the Prophet only had camels which did not have sunroofs!

Musharraf is so devout that the 'assassins' keep missing him - it is the effulgence of the man. He has a very bright, religious glow that makes shooting him about as possible as a Pakistani fielder attempting a catch with the sun in his eyes.

I have another theory of who killed Bhutto. It was D G Vanzara. He did it because Narendra Modi asked him to let off a few shots to celebrate his victory in Gujarat.


habc said...

In other "news"there is a new show like CSI Miami and CSI New York , called CSI Pakistan which is going to be produced soon. It will cover new and creative EXTREMELY ADVANCED techniques of forensic examination which are as yet unknown in the outside world - like calling in the Fire Brigade to pour water over the blast site

They will also display and patent new techniques of firefighting like pouring water over areas where there is no fire.

Uddharet said...

You are unfairly blaming (or giving credit to, depending on whether you are secular or communal) Narendra Modi and Vanzara. An inquiry commission appointed by the Paki Railway Minister has found that the fatal injury was not the result of any external force: it was an implosion.

habc said...

Good Article

Daughter of the West - Tariq Ali

Arranged marriages can be a messy business..Where both parties are known to loathe each other, only a rash parent, desensitised by the thought of short-term gain, will continue with the process knowing full well that it will end in misery and possibly violence. That this is equally true in political life became clear in the recent attempt by Washington to tie Benazir Bhutto to Pervez Musharraf.

The single, strong parent in this case was a desperate State Department – with John Negroponte as the ghoulish go-between and Gordon Brown as the blushing bridesmaid – fearful that if it did not push this through both parties might soon be too old for recycling. The bride was certainly in a hurry, the groom less so. Brokers from both sides engaged in lengthy negotiations on the size of the dowry. Her broker was and remains Rehman Malik, a former boss of Pakistan’s FIA..

nizhal yoddha said...

according to james astill of the economist, it has been conclusively proven that it was not sonia's or rahul's fault that benazir was killed. it was also not musharraf's fault. it was musharraf's dog, that villain! they have zeroed in on musharraf's dog as the mastermind behind the killing, given that no "people like us whites" pakistanis would do anything like this. inspired by NDTV and economist reports about the riots in gujarat, where 2000 innocent muslims just happened to die all of a sudden (personally counted by cedric '2000' prakash), the dog arranged for the murder. he made it look like a 'sniper' and 'suicide bomber' whereas it was really just the sunroof exploding :-) :-)

san said...

In all seriousness though, I would be concerned that the jihadis will now try and kill Modi, in the hopes that his death would yield a payoff in the form of riots, etc.

But anyhow, it's quite noteable how no post-mortem is being done on Benazir's body. They're whisking her off to the grave ASAP.

Here is the best video I have come across yet, showing the gunman firing at Benazir Bhutto:

To me, this would undermine the govt's claim that Benazir did not suffer any bullet injuries and was only killed by the blast. The gunman was firing at point-blank range while looking straight at her, and there's no way he could have missed from 3 feet away.

It's ridiculous that there's no post-mortem. It indicates that the govt's "investigation" will be a whitewash.

Ghost Writer said...

Your theory has value. It also explains why people were shouting "Musharraf Dog, Musharraf Dog" at her funeral.
The NYT now reporting that Pakistani politicians are now worried about the 'federation' i.e. Pakistan itself. Perhaps this is the best time to fish in troubled waters and start supporting assorted separatists in Pakistan. We have a record tax collection this year anyway

Shivaji's Blog said...


This is the time we should be doing permanent economic damage to pak. Where are our assets in sindhistan, baluchistan, and punjab? I really hope that pak can at least partially unravel. Sadly, shikandi and his massah sonia will never allow this to happen. They will tow the line and collect their gold pieces in switzerland and allow pak to be stable again.

After all, our white masters say that a stable pak is good for India. Isn't that right madame sonia?

Shivaji's Blog said...

Only about $20 million in damages due to rioting! Why so little? We should help them attain $1 billion in damages...

Our non-PM will probably send a donation of $20 million to cover the riot-torn areas in rawalpindi. compliments of the Tirupati hundi funds of course!

nizhal yoddha said...

more than anybody else, sonia will now be scared stiff. i predict that she will refuse to leave her compound altogether, and will order several anti-aircraft guns to be placed all around to protect her from flying mohammedans (or musharraf's dog, as the case may be).

but she doesn't have to worry, because any rational mohammedan will see that she is the best weapon they have in india. oops, did i say 'rational' and 'mohammedan' in one sentence? me bad.

also, sonia will now announce a $100 million grant to pakistan. just like that. because india is so generous. in other words, pleading, "please, mohammedans, don't kill me and my little kingini-kuttan (ie. brat). here's the first installment in a bribe. there's a lot more coming your way. i have several numbered swiss accounts."