Sunday, December 16, 2007

Barkha Wants Unlimited License for Poison Pen

Barkha Dutt is totally against the idea of accountability for the media, in their latest "sting" mania. She claims that the media is capable of regulating itself, but doesn't offer any convincing evidence of this. When is claiming that Gujarat riots were some conspiracy pre-planned much in advance, and when NDTV is backing them up and claiming that NRIs everywhere are endorsing the report except for some communal fringe, then it tells me all I need to know about this little backroom club.

Tarun Tejpal, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Tehelka, admits to 'rampant commercialisation' of sting operations.

"The solution (of how to stop fake stings) has to come from media, which must itself look for some self-regulation keeping in mind the good of society," he says.

What a crook. The biggest practitioner of the game, and he's trying to talk like a saint.


Arvind said...

Tehelka has also been guilty of the following:

1) In Tehelka's transcripts of the so-called defence deal scam, Jaya Jaitley refuses to enter into a quid-pro-quo and clearly states that she will not ask for their equipment to be preferred over others.

Independently, without asking for a quid-pro-quo, the Tehelka folks expressed a desire to donate money to her party. She directed them to the treasurer.

Tehelka then falsely claimed that they had entered into a quid-pro-quo.

2) Tehelka hired poachers to kill leopards and claim that they had carried out a "sting" operation.

Shahryar said...

Since such libellous reports are read in the UK and cause a substantial number of people in the UK to form negative opinions, those libelled should consider seeking compensation in the UK courts.

Read this story to see how it is done: Sheikh it all about.