Thursday, December 27, 2007

benazir shoots herself in neck and chest: atlanticist's version

dec 27th, 2007

just as they said about the nepali prince after he massacred his entire family and then was found shot in the back of the head, it was a suicide. or maybe an accident.

james astill's (economist stringer in india) friends, those lovely pakistanis, people with whom you "could sit around with and wonder what the hell's going on", would never ever harm a fly, let alone a woman. perish the thought!

yes, just as the trainful of hindus 'caught fire while in a mohammedan neighborhood, benazir bhutto 'accidentally shot herself while getting into her car'. she should have been more careful, the silly woman! yeah, that's the ticket.

musharraf had absolutely nothing to do with all this, how dare you suggest anything else?


KapiDhwaja said...

Looks like the X-ian god has decided to give a better gift this season instead of the standard earthquake or tsunami.

Didn't bibi call for a 1000-year-war with Bharat when she was PM of Paapistan? It seems she also called for the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus in the late 80's & early 90's.

Well good riddance. One less Moderate Modern Rabid Jihadi to worry about.

rathore said...

Was watching the Deutsche Welle news coverage - and one G√ľnter Knabe, their South Asia (sic) analyst, when asked directly "You knew [Benazir] personally, how was she?" replied, "...Her husband is a criminal, corrupt. She was no angel. She was a politician...of the Pakistani kind"

ramesh said...

she was no angel but it is sad to see a woman being killed like this. And frightening that this lunatic asylum (created kind courtesy the Briish + Congress + Muslim League) is right next to us. God deliver the world from these semitic religions.

nizhal yoddha said...

i'd recommend to you guys yet again salman rushdie's 'shame': his most insightful work, laying bare the illusion that is pakistan. his portrayal of benazir as the haughty 'virgin ironpants' was very good. no, she was no angel, and just because you don't want to speak ill of the dead doesn't mean -- in the usual idiotic, sentimental way -- you now start portraying her as an angel when in fact she was a monster. a suave, scheming, attractive monster, true. she who could wrap all these idiots in the indian 'leadership' cadre around her little finger, and she was probably smarter than any ten kaaangress people put together.

ramesh said...

u are of course right. u reap what u sow as the saying goes. (i wasn't saying that she was a saint or anything of that sort. in all probability she or that criminal husband of her's got her brother murtaza killed.) and the only people who have illusions about pakistan are these shitty urdu-spouting politicians and do goodders in delhi -- gujral, kuldeep nayyar, mani shankar, etc.

Ghost Writer said...

Is it not strange that the Jihadis keep missing when trying to hit Musharraf but they eventually get Benazir?

It must be the effulgence of the man that blinds them to their target. Musharraf has such an Islamic glow that the guy doing the shooting is literally blinded. It's like a Pakistani cricketer trying to catch a ball with the sun in his eyes. I am not mourning for Benazir - I remember her "Jag-Jag-Mohan ko Bhag-Bhag-Mohan kar denge" barb on Governor Jagmohan in Kashmir - she would say this while play-chopping her one hand with the other.

I am amused at the Yankees though - nothing they do in Pakistan can ever come right. They build up Musharraf, he declares and emergency - they serenade Benazir, she gets killed. Not to mention of course that their friends just happen to have Inspector Clouseau when Rashid Rauf comes up for his trial. Wonder what is next for the Yanks?

Gagan said...

Jehadis keep missing Musharraf because those attacks on him were most likely staged by him only - in order to convey to Yanks how important he is if they want peace in the region - and to our prime-moron and other Kangrassis that Pak is also a victim of terrorism.