Sunday, December 30, 2007

And the hits just keep on coming

The blighters did not take long to annoint the new king. It does not matter how many of them are killed - there are always more available to make 'sacrifices' for their country.

I am waiting for the breathlessly excited ELM to write editorials suggesting that the Rahul-Bilawal combination is just what India Pakistan relation needs. This might happen sooner than you think folks.

We can get ready to sign Kashmir to Pakistan and Arunachal to China in another 'peace deal' negotiated in 'historic Shimla'. The Bhutto kid will steal what is ours while India's Kingini-Kuttan holds forth on the merits of advanced basket weaving.


rakee said...
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nizhal yoddha said...

even at the tender age of 19, bilwal bhutto appeared far more poised and composed than our sonia's kingini-kuttan.

(ghost et al, the term 'kingini-kuttan' -- meaning toddler with silver anklets -- was widely and derogatorily applied in the malayalam media to k. karunakaran's son muralidharan, who had no apparent ability. but it must be said that muralidharan looks like a genius compared to some others we could easily name).

this thing about anointing the son is frankly offensive -- as though there were nobody else in the party who counted for anything. of course this was done when indira nehru died and rajiv nehru was anointed. monarchy, clearly.

also, isn't bilawal called bilawal bhutto rather than bilawal zardari? zardari had no real role other than as sperm donor (and of course mr. 10%). benazir never went by benazir zardari, either. likewise, sperm donor feroze ghandy has no further role either. which is why we should call all these people as xyz nehrus. ghandy has no relevance. after all, the lodi dynasty and the mughal dynasty did not keep adding the names of all their members, did they?

witan said...

Who killed Benazir B? One of the suspects immediately after the assassination was Musharraf. After the manoaeuvres that culminated in installation of Bilawal (I thought Bilawal was the name of a Hindustani raag, almost the same as Sankarabharanam) as BB's heir and successor, another suspect has appeared!