Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bigoted Detroit official quits after making hateful remarks

CANTON TOWNSHIP -- An outspoken planning commissioner has agreed to resign after she caused a stir by asking whether Hindu women urinate in public as part of their faith, township officials said.

Catherine Johnson, 71,. stunned residents this month by claiming neighbors told her several women urinated outside Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (BAPS) Temple during its 2000 groundbreaking -- and asking whether it was some sort of ritual..
The Hindu temple's expansion plans have caused controversy because neighbors claim the project would look out of place next to $300,000 home......

The religious bigotry, ignorance and racial arrogance is just astounding. More so, when it is a 71 year old woman indulging in deliberate denigration. Gutter inspector Katherine Mayo and the Ghoul of Calcutta would be proud of this planning commissioner.

Personal experience tells me that while America does have it's share of evangelical bigots whose condescension is quite deliberate, ignorance about India and Hinduism tends to be more of a causative factor in such insensitivity. By and large, Americans are not obsessed with christism or religion, per se and are appreciative of, receptive to diversity (unless it is perceived as a threat to their identity as in the case of illegal immigration by Latinos or belligerence by Mohammedans). This is one more reason why it is imperative for the CAPEEM effort to combat the deliberate and devious vilification of Hindus in the American educational system must succeed.

Denial of building permits for Hindu Temples under the most specious of excuses such as "traffic", "aesthetics" etc is a subtle form of religious discrimination practised by the cussed minority of indoctrinated christists. The demented old hag in Detroit has taken things to a new low.......

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