Tuesday, December 25, 2007

nice example of psec idiot woman foaming at the mouth

dec 25th, 2007

may her tribe decrease! it will, as they see the writing on the wall.

possibly this woman is of the 'dravidian' persuasion, a pal of muthuvel karunanidhi and t r baalu.

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From: Anantha
Sent: Tuesday, December 25, 2007 5:44 PM
Subject: Your Article "A goose walking over Gandhi's Grave"

Dear Sujatha Anandan,
Thanks for the kind sentiments, truth always hurts. I have never abused you or your owners and only stated the plain facts as they are backed with firm convictions. I would have been happy if you could have responded to even one issue that I stated in my mail rather than write in the same negative way as your article.
I do not dispute that your paper was built brick by brick by Shri K.K. Birlaji, but under the current leadership of Ms Shobhana Bhartia and Shri Vir Sanghvi, it would be better to rename Hindustan Times as Italian Times considering the patronage to 10 Janpath.
One simple question if your newspaper, Congress and the Communist seriously believe that it was Shri Narendra Modiji who was behind all the riots of 2002, why did the Central Govt. not initiate action or even a CBI enquiry after coming to power in 2004. Lalu Prasad tried with the Justice Banerjee commission report that the fire in the train in Godhra was started from inside but it backfired in the Bihar elections.
Seems like you have still not understood the verdict of Gujarat elections. Maybe the 2009 Parliamentary elections will teach all of you.
Please do show my mail to Shri Vir Sanghvi and Ms Shobhana Bhartia.
Warm Regards
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Subject: Re: Your Article "A goose walking over Gandhi's Grave"

You are a great example of how pathetic and intellectually bankrupt some Indians can be, meeting arguments with abuses, Moreover, you are a coward or else you would have sent me this mail, however abusive of my paper and its owners who unlike Modi have built their empire brick by brick over years with honest swest and not on the blood of innocents,  long before the Gujarat elections,


"Anantha" <>

12/24/2007 11:13 PM

Your Article "A goose walking over Gandhi's Grave"

Dear Sujatha Anandan,
I  refer to your article "A goose walking over Gandhi's Grave" in the Hindustan Times dtd 12th Dec  2007. My immediate reaction was to send a fitting rebuttal immediately but on  second thoughts, I decided that it would be better to write after the  results of the Gujarat Elections.
You wasted precious space in your article on a story of your  friend's mother attacked by her neighbour, a retired Colonel of the  Army and how you could not forgive him just like you could never forgive Shri  Narendra Modiji. Accepting your  logic at face value, it is the  Hindus, who should never forgive the Muslims for burning the train at Godhra  killing 58 innocent Kar sevaks mostly woman and children and  therefore the retaliation that followed was as justifiable as  your action against the Colonel for trying to kill your friend's  mother.
You have written extensively on  Gandhiji and his love for Muslims, wonder how Gandhiji had he been  alive today would have reacted to ethnic cleansing of the more than 1/2 million  Kashmiri Hindu Pandits who after being raped, ravaged and thrown out of their  homes have become refugees in their own homeland. What was their fault ? did  they demand equal opportunities, reservation or protest in the streets with  guns and grenades against the blatant discrimination of their rights by the  Government of Jammu and Kashmir. They were just peace loving people who  wanted to live with dignity and probably the only fault was that  they lived in a Muslim majority state like the Hindus in Pakistan,  Bangladesh and Malaysia. 
Also get your facts right on Nathuram  Godse, He did not kill because Gandhiji loved Muslims. If that  was so, He would have done this before India's Independence in 1947 or  during the creation of Pakistan. He killed Gandhiji because He felt  that Gandhiji betrayed the nation by forcing Sardar Vallabhai Patelji to  rescind his decision on not giving the 50 odd crore of Rupees to Pakistan till  they vacated the 1/3rd illegal occupation of Kashmir which  is Pakistan occupied Kashmir and this fact is well documented by  Sardar Vallabhai Patelji in his book during his death. If your newspaper has the guts, I challenge you  to shift your offices to Srinagar or Mizoram in the heart of  jihadi and evangelical terrorism and preach and write about  secularism from there rather than safely living in Hindu  majority cities like New Delhi and Mumbai and preaching Gandhiji  teachings.
You spoke on the Sohrabhuddin fake  encounter case as though he was a innocent Laila shot by the police while  romancing his wife in front of Taj Mahal, a picture which all you  pseudo secularists splashed in the media and newspapers when the incident came  to light. The fact that He was a terrorist caught with huge  arms and ammunition probably carrying out a bomb blast was of no  concern to all of you and what was more important to all of you was that He  was a Muslim who was shot dead by the Police in Modi's  Gujarat.
I am glad you wrote about  how your editorial director Shri Vir Sanghviji, a Gujarati by  birth hating the very sight of Shri Narendra Modiji, Where was Shri Vir  Sanghvi, Shri K.K. Birla and Ms Shobhana Bhartia  during the  anti-Sikh riots of 1984 a horrendous state sponsored pogrom in  which more than 3700 innocent Sikhs were butchered by  Congress goons led by Shri Jagdish Tytler, Shri Sajjan Kumar and Late  Shri H.K.L. Bhagat. Why did all of you not take on Late Shri Rajiv  Gandhi, for justifying the massacre and giving M.P. seat to  Sajjan Kumar and making H.K.L. Bhagat and Jagdish Tytler senior  ministers for full five years as a reward for the massacre. Is it  because the blood of Hindus and Sikhs who got butchered in Kashmir and New  Delhi are black in colour while the blood of Muslims killed in the riots in  Gujarat are red. \
If Deepak Parekh or Vir Sanghvi  feels ashamed of being a Gujarati, there are millions of Gujaratis and  Hindus all over India and the world who are proud of  Narendra Modi  not just as the CEO of Gujarat but as the future Prime Minister of India.  Shri Narendra Bhai Modiji has proved that inspite of the entire media,  opposition including Sonia, Rahul, fake NGO's and even his own partyman against  him, you can win elections by combing Hindutva with Development. The  phenomenal rise in the stock markets today and the endorsement of Modiji by Shri  A.M. Naik, who is not just a Gujarati by birth but also one of the  most respected CEO of Larsen & Toubro today is vindication of this  fact. Shri Ratan Tata, a Parsee by birth had recently stated that only a fool  will not invest in Gujarat given the kind of integrity, leadership and vision  displayed by Shri Narendra Modiji. Which politician in India can  declare assets of just Rs. 40 Lakhs, when even a Municipal Councilor  has assets of crores of rupees.   
Finally writing such filthy and  intellectually bankrupt articles in prime space of Hindustan Times may  help win you a Padma Shri  besides the M.P. seat  already won by Ms Shobhana Bhartia bypassing other pseudo  secularist media baron Shri N. Ram and getting the coveted  book of Shri K.K. Birla released by Dr. Manmohan Singh with  foreword by Sonia Gandhi and not to forget the numerous ads from the  Government but one day your newspaper will be confined to the  dustbin by the people of our country. I quote a saying " you can cheat some  people some time and other people at other time but you cannot  cheat all people at all times. 
Instead of being stuck in the  time zone of 2002 riots, which the Muslims of Gujarat have themselves  forgotten, wake up and move forward or be ready to become a  dinosaur.
Jai Hind
Warm Regards


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sootradhaar said...

Nice job Anantha...:) Alas as is the wont of these 'bleeding heart liberal' 'sickularists', this idiot moron psec Sujatha also obfuscates the issue...& as you rightly pinted out in your response to her email, instead of logically (well, that one cannot obviously expect from these morons, who have their heads buried deep into their rear-ends..;)..) answering your queries, she emits verbal diarrhea and with self-rightous indignation passes a judgement of how idiots (???) some Indians can be. I bet she must be cursing herself to be borne in the country of such 'fundamentalists Hindus'...(although this term is quite an oxymoron) and to even have to respond to your emails...oh what an ignominy...for this poor soul.

Sujatha and the likes of her, with which the Indian ELM has been teeming since independence...more so in the last two decades...these psecs are the real descendents of McCauley, who would have been real proud of the outcome of his approach towards the uncivilized & barbarian natives...who, according to the colonial masters, were only lifted out of hell thru the efforts of the White folks...:(..:/...Sujatha and others like her are a perfect example of what a Catholic school education does to one's mind and thinking...that so much so these natives develop a visceral hatred towards their culture, belief, traditions and faith. To me it seems, all this show of indignation by Sujatha et al is for the Western world...'coz that way they can show to them (their mental colonial masters) as to how much secular they are and in turn get invited to speak at lecture circuits in Western hemisphere when the topic revolves around the rise of Hindu right in India...also have u noticed how these presswallahs (both domestic as well as foreign -- more specifically) term genuine patriotic feelings of Hindus towards India as 'nationalistic' instead of 'patriotic'...I guess only Americans can be patriotic without being nationalistic...'coz when others talk about the same kind of feelings then they are automatically labelled 'nationlists'.

srini said...

Excellent Anathaji,
May your tribe rise..Let us take on the Vir Singhvis,PROYS and N Rams head on and show how moronic they are