Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sound the Bugle, Trumpet & the Conches fellas--Narendra Modi Wins again!!

Now all he has to do is help bury the Kaangress 12 feet deep at Dilli in the soon to come General Elections. Also the English Language Media can print-out all their "moralizing sermons" against Modi and shove it up their collective rear-ends.


Ghost Writer said...

The lying media and "Psephologists" are wrong about the margin of seats once again. Soon to come to an English paper near you - "Modi Won, but the BJP lost" rant.
They have now started predicting that Modi can never be a national leader - which tells me that ina few years he will be the Prime Ministerial candidate

Uddharet said...

New York Times ( calls the BJP "Hindu Nationalist Party". By implication, Congress is the opposite: anti-Hindu, anti-Nationalist Party.

habc said...


comment on rediff

Uddharet said...


Will the pissologists also attend?

Sudarshan said...

In the post-funeral dinner will crow be on the menu?

Kaunteya said...

The Lion won.

san said...

This is great news! They did better than I expected.

Hopefully, the celebrations won't delay the BJP too long before taking the fight to the Centre. Time to oust Congress from there.

Now that Congress is on the ropes, I'm wondering aloud how long it will be before Tehelka suddenly comes out with another conveniently timed "exposee". I notice their "sting" operations always seem to coincidentally come out when the Congress is in trouble.

gopinath said...

The next important step is to take this victory, and Modi's style and success into other states.
I was talking to my Father yesterday who is in Chennai, he was saying, "I dont see such a firebrand BJP leader in TN, they have become stoops of one of the Kazhagams just like Kaangress (Kaan not my dad's, its the influence of this column, its mine)"
I realised that is so true, in Tamil Nadu, people will definitely react positively to Modi's style of operation. There is lot of development there, in spite of MK and Amma's rule. He also mentioned, that People there appreciate the fact, he gives his opponents the same coin with which he is paid. But unfortunately people dont hear him directly, because as you know one of our MK gift is Hindi denial. So, they are dependant on the translations.
I really would like to see, National BJP organize a workshop in Gujarat for all the state leaders how to go about on the offensive, how to collect data to talk to people, much like a Corporate trainings.
BJP should approach this in a very professional way, analyse, plan, implement for the National elections.
Its very very positive, that Gujarat people are able to see through the lies of Kaangress, and am sure we should be able to replicate in every other state, especially when the Country is reacting positively to the economic advancements.
We are proud of you Gujaratis!!!.

socal said...

Thanks for the lemonade, but it's winter for Kaangress. Not sure they will be too elated with your off-season servings. Try sour grapes instead.

socal said...

Swapan Dasgupta mentioned yesterday that Sonia will be hailed as 'Mahisharuamardini' (slainer of demon Mahishasura) of Congress pulled a win in Gujarat.

Now that Congress stands decimated in Gujarat we think she instead deserves the title of 'Mooshakavardhini' aka 'breeder of rats.' What say you?

sootradhaar said...

From one of the comments on Rediff:

Gujarati voters preferred Indian Dhoklaa to Italian Pizza...;)...LOL!

karyakarta92 said...

Stealth christist NDTV and Star News are going on like a stuck record with the nonsensical "Modi Won, but the BJP lost" refrain. Wretched, bad losers attempting to sow internal discord within the Hindu right. This was a significant victory against heavy odds, particularly the diabolical propagandists of the christist ELM.
It should be serve as a catalyst for the Hindu nationalists to close ranks for the larger battle coming soon. I shall quote Atal Behari Vajpayee's lines in Hindi as
said to the late lost in his own
constituency in the 1998 Lok Sabha elections:

Kya haar mein, Kya jeet mein,
Chintit nahin, Bhaybheet nahin,
Sangharsh path par jo bhi mila,
Yeh bhi sahin, woh bhi sahin