Saturday, December 15, 2007

and here's the Shield...

To go along with the ICBM Sword.

When this system is in place in 3 years time, most of the Chinese supplied Paki missiles will be rendered useless. Would give us more options at that point of time in dealing with Paki terror.

Here's a video of the ABM system.


Anonymous said...

On a different note, the link provided above leads
to India Today's site. Wasn't this site a paid site before?

Of late many media sites are going totally free. Is it end of paid media sites.

Kashyapa said...

Guys KapiDhwaja or karyakarta92 or san ,

Can you mail me offline at kashyapa.kumarila AT gmail ?

Wanted to share some info with you guys, which you can put in here.