Saturday, December 15, 2007

and while the West preaches about 'untouchability' to us Natives,

Here is what they actually practice...


gopinath said...

Hats off to you Kumar, I think we need this coolness in reacting to such nonsense from Goras, will take us a long way. Its the return of ancient civilizations, its time that these guys realise this, and give us enough respect in the Global Stage. I am glad while I read the following lines.
"Kumar says. White's letter, he says, "will go down as one of the most uncivilized exchanges of views between two companies in the 21st century." Its sentiments, Kumar says, reflect "an era that is now prehistoric."

Shivaji's Blog said...

In reference to, 'The days of "white supremacy are disappearing rapidly, and white brand value with it," the piece went on. "When Arab financiers are needed to rescue Citigroup, notions of white cachet seem ludicrous.'"

I DISAGREE entirely with the notion that "the days of white supremacy are disappearing rapidly". That's baloney. In fact, I feel that it is a new dawn of white supremacy. White supremacy is gaining an incredible but understated following.

For God's sake, India is about to elect a WHITE Prime Minister - Raoul Maino! It is not whites but it is WE INDIANS who have empowered white supremacy.

WE BUY billions of dollars worth of Fair & Lovely.

WE PREFER white christists over our own Hindus to rule our nation.

WE ONLY FEEL VALIDATION when a white "expert" gives us the OK with respect to our belief system.

I wish that the editorial would not use the "R" word. It really puts Indians in a position of weakness. I agree 100% with Gopinath. Cooler heads should prevail. We should not have an emotional attitude. Even if they do say things openly. In fact, it's ALWAYS better to let them say it out in the open. That way they reveal their intentions. We should say nothing and use this knowledge and insight to our benefit.

I recently had a conversation with a CFO. Now, you would think that a CFO would have some intelligence and knowledge of world affairs. This CFO told me that IBM hired thousands of Indians as a "foreign aid" package! As if IBM was NOT looking out for its PROFITS. I nicely informed this CFO that India does not accept foreign aid and that IBM has a financial incentive in hiring Indians.

If a smart guy like this is prey to such incredible misconceptions, then imagine what the common gora really thinks! Wow. These guys come from a viewpoint that white people:

--Should run the world.

--Are the only people adding any sort of value in the world.

--Are the only righteous moral people in the world.

--Are the only civilizing force in the world.

They seem to forget that they only started showering and brushing their teeth 100 years ago! they also forget that they wiped out an entire race of native americans along with thousands of years of culture and this is how they were able to conquer an entire continent.

We should not blame people and be emotional but we should realize what they think of us and how this affects our standing and our goals, and what kind of obstacles these perceptions present.

I think we should not give people too much credit. You would not imagine what people think. Even with glaring evidence that Indians can compete and succeed in ANY forum and even under incredible constraints, goras will rationalize their superiority! Even the dumbest and least successful of them will always have a sense of superiority. It's sad but very true.

Shivaji's Blog said...

If you look at Citigroup's Message Board on Yahoo! Finance, AFTER Vikram Pandit was appointed CEO, you will see ample evidence that white supremacy is not dead but in fact incredibly alive and well.

Now this is a great indication of how people really feel because you can post anonymous messages and hide behind false identities. This is how people really feel. Not that it should matter, but I'm just pointing out that we should not be naive enough to think that we live in some Nehruvian utopia.