Saturday, December 29, 2007

california: Two Indian restaurateurs shot dead

dec 29th, 2007

open season on indians. in may, mohammedan from bangladesh shoots and torches dhanak family (father and daughter), sets fire to their home, and beats mother to pulp. why? they told their other daughter to stop seeing the mohammedan. he then (shades of haneef, the fellow over whom manmohan had 'sleepless nights') books a one-way ticket to bangladesh. btw, torching people seems to be the favorite mohammedan technique.

in december, two students at louisiana state are shot dead by unknown assailants. hate crime suspected.

in december, two restaurant owners in richmond, calif are shot dead by unknown assailants. hate crime suspected.

note how the dead are all hindus or sikhs. note the deafening silence from manmohan. also note the deafening silence from bobby "rice" jindal, governor-elect in louisiana.

why isn't the indian government officially giving a demarche to the US government about protecting the rights of these people of indian origin?

we know the answer. they were hindus or sikhs, who have no human rights.

i am waiting for the time an indian-origin christist or mohammedan is killed, even in a traffic accident. jaichand pallekonda and samuel reddy and sonia will scream bloody murder in the former case.

in the latter, junior foreign minister and fundamentalist (informally, minister for only mohammedan affairs worldwide, he is suspected of having been involved in the maraad massacre in kerala a few years ago. reward? central ministership) e ahamed will immediately begin a nirahara satyagraha in front of the US embassy in new delhi demanding 'blood money'.

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US: Two Indian restaurateurs shot dead
George Joseph

December 29, 2007 19:46 IST
Last Updated: December 30, 2007 00:27 IST

The murder of two brothers, Ravinder Kalsi and Parmjit Kalsi, at their
hotel in Richmond, California on Thursday has stunned the Indian
community in the United States.

"At around 9 pm on Thursday, two unidentified men came to their hotel,
Sahib Indian Restaurant, asking whether it was still open. It was
partially closed a few minutes before," the police said.

The killers shot the 30-year-old dead in the doorway. They touched
nothing, said nothing, police said. They found 42-year-old Paramjit
Kalsi in the kitchen and shot him.

"It does not look like a robbery. It looks like these two guys went in
there to kill. That's what worries me, Richmond Detective Sgt. Mitch
Peixoto told Contra Costa Times.

Richmond police reviewed surveillance camera footage and looked for
witnesses. The killers may be Asian or Latino, police said.

The brothers had owned the restaurant between Nevin and Barrett
avenues for about five years and remodelled it.

"We are shocked. They were young men, very gentle, said Tehal Singh,
an in-law of one of the victims.

Their family hails from Patiala in Punjab. Friends fear the killings
could be a hate crime. The brothers shared a room in Berkeley for
about five years before moving to Richmond.

The attackers did not disturb the cash register and took nothing.

The Kalsis took over the restaurant in 2002. They also owned at least
two residential properties in the area, which they renovated in hopes
of selling for a profit.

"They were extremely hard-working. They had recently been granted
permanent residency here," Richmond City Councilman Harpreet Sandhu

Ravinder went to Punjab about two months ago for his engagement.

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Shivaji's Blog said...

If a christist gets short-changed by a street vendor in LA...God help that scammer!!!

Sonia "The Queen" will send a Black Cat Squadron to LA to deal with the scam artist...Sam Reddy will then press a button and activate "The Choker" Jaichand Pallekonda to do one of his backside choke-holds on the poor hapless person.