Sunday, December 09, 2007

nation of shopkeepers licking their chops at the sight of arab moolah

dec 8th, 2007

i do wish he'd roll his tongue back into his mouth to avoid stepping on it.

talk of being blinded by the color of money!

the atlanticist does not stop to think that the blood, sweat and tears of indians is what's making these barbarian arabs' xanadus come to life.

when india gains economic power, we will find the same brits showing up, salivating for the crumbs off the table as they are already doing with china. and that is going to happen sooner or later. sooner if the UPA is kicked out, later if the kaaaangress continues its 'religion of luuuuuv' act.

actually i shouldn't insult shopkeepers by comparing them to brits. a better word rhymes with 'more' and starts with a 'w'

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sunrise said...

Nice intro to this article.....especially the ' more ' bit!!