Saturday, December 08, 2007

Why Modi will score a landslide win again

Three cheers to Modi! After winning Gujarat, he should run for the PM's post in May 2009.


Ghost Writer said...

Swanithan Aiyar has a similar view - the ELM folks maybe offering a grudging admission of impotence in suggesting Modi may win - I actually read a few articles earlier in the week that suggested that punters were not offering very good odds on Modi. A very scientific way to predict the winner indeed - now that their opinion polls are no longer doing the trick

hokiepride said...

Finally USCIRF condemns the suppression of Hindus in Malaysia. The Indian-American community in USA finally finds a voice???. Good start though

reason said...

Kaangress has been targetting patels with exclusive rallies for patels - when they do it, there is no issue of inclusion/exclusion. There are also reports that the police in gujarat and state government employees are expecting 'change'. That is very understandable - and would directly prove that Modi was indeed pushing for performance and rooting out corruption. Even a state water supply engineer is a crorepati several times over in karnataka, so their counterparts in gujarat would have no reason to like Modi - and they would be the people manning the elections.

There is a way Modi can lose too - the people that will benefit by an improved, corruption-free administration may not turn out to vote. The vested interests and minorities will turn out to vote. If the voter turn out falls below 50%, the kaangress can well get back to power. And the ELM will go to party claiming it as a great victory for their crusade, regardless of the turnout figures or vote percentage splits.

Even the thought of Modi losing is scary.

Wanderer said...

The psec ELM and the Leftist-side of the blogosphere are proffering the advice that it would be better for the Congress allow Modi to win; this would help them at the national level.
What a convenient excuse. And it's not even true. Deluded fools!

Anonymous said...

Bandukwala says in an interview on IBN-CNN that Muslims will not forget Godhra riots even after 100 years. Funny!!!And Hindus are expected to forget the destruction brought to its culture and the slaughters of fellow believers during the Islamic rule.