Sunday, December 09, 2007

B. Raman endorsing dhimmitude?

dec 9th, 2007

et tu, raman?

i guess it's hard to avoid being a dhimmi lite just to get into print. this is one of the reasons i never get an opportunity to write in the 'chindu', the 'toi', etc. -- i do not dilute my stand.

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From: Kris

"It is important for the Government of India not to take a public stand in criticism of the policies of the Malaysian government towards its citizens of Indian origin, which has led to considerable anger among the Indian-origin Malaysian community."
....I have never heard of Raman taking a similar stance when the OIC or the US Department of State start ringing the "persecution bell" whenever an Indian Abrahamic so much as sneezes in the company of the benighted Ghentoos, and go to town about "human rights."   I am quite willing to be corrected with facts, just to give Raman the benefit of doubt.


drisyadrisya said...


forget about times of islamabad and the anti-hindu.. but what about rediff..

would like to see more of yours on rediff... there has been only two in sept and one in november as the latest

or are they also turning into a typical ELM and letting u not write ? kind of makes me feel so after seeing some of their recent reports and new reporters

ramesh said...

I am glad u mentioned this regarding Mr. Raman’s article. He generally writes a lot of sense but it was a shock to read his article on the Malaysian issue in the Outlook (and now Rediff). “Big deal if they are knocking down temples,” that was the attitude. If Hindus are persecuted or temples destroyed it is their fault seems to be Mr. Raman’s standpoint. If a man of his understanding can write like this well then …..vvv

karyakarta92 said...

I have always maintained that "Spymaster" Raman is a closet dhimmi. Probably comes from a lifetime of babudom. And this man is supposed to be one of India's formeost "strategic thinkers". What a shame.