Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Minorities" refuse to comply with SC/ST reservations

Leaders of the minority community have reacted strongly to the BJP manifesto, which advocates reservation for ST/SC students in minority-run educational institutions.
Former journalist and president of All India Catholic Union John Dayal asked BJP to stop “devious methods of pitting one community against the other”. Dayal, a member of the National Integration Council, says BJP’s manifesto is a “sure roadmap to national disaster”.
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The usual suspects indulging in their usual anti-national activities. These worthies demand cradle to grave reservations for Mohammedans and Christists in India, yet refuse to implement constitutionally mandated SC/ST quotas in the institutions administered by them. I say "administered" deliberately because ownership vests with the nation whose taxpayers are burdened with secular subsidies that is the source of much of their funding.

Notwithstanding the larger question of efficacy of reservation quotas, christist institutions have an obligation to comply with the law of the land. If they fail to meet those requirements, a future GOI has every right to nationalise them, the same way it nationalised all the banks in the late 1960's.

The reason behind John Dayal's resistance is not hard to comprehend. SC/ST's actually face the worst exploitation and discrimination by the christist missionary hyenas who deploy "oppression" mythology for propaganda purposes while exacerbating any real disadvantages faced by them. Even purely in terms of quotas, this is a double whammy for the SC/ST's - christists eating away their entitlements when the constipated judge Ranganath Misra's report is implemented and doors being shut on them in publicly funded, christist administered institutions. It is high time the SC/ST's stood up against their real oppressors, namely the missionary swines.

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