Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cedric Prakash invents a new myth!

"Father" Cedric Prakash already has a few inventions in the realm of mythology to his credit, notable among them being the diabolical lie of 2000+ Mohammedans being massacred in Gujarat. In this interview, the dishonest padre makes the perverted assertion that Hindu nationalists had planned the riots in Gujarat even before the roasting alive of Hindus in the train at Godhra. Anyone remotely familiar with the Hindu psyche will immediately detect the christist fraudster's lie. Hindus and indeed India itself has always been reactive to external threats and aggression. There is perhaps not a single instance in the history of Indic civilisation when Hindus launched a unilateral or unprovoked attack against anybody. Cedric is probably too intoxicated with the vampire blood of Yesu to realise this...

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