Sunday, December 09, 2007

malaysian racists form vigilante arm to hunt down foreigners: want to bet all of indian origin are harassed as well?

dec 9th, 2007

remember how a few years ago indian software engineers with perfectly valid visas were brutalized by malaysians?

these mohammedan bigots are the worst racists and barbarians in asia with the exception of the han chinese. no wonder malaysia and china are such good pals. they conspire to keep india out of APEC, for instance. malaysia is the ring-leader in "asia is for yellow people".

yeah, 'malaysia. truly asia'. not!

it's the old sino-mohammedan axis in its most naked form (along with the sino-pakistani relationship).

i bet indian-origin, long-standing citizens of malaysia are also rounded up and beaten up by these nazi-style vigilantes.

india should cut off all trade ties with malaysia; but of course a dhimmi who says "india's resources are primarily meant for mohammedans" will instead be lining his pockets with malaysian-saudi petro-dollars.

by the way, malaysian palm-oil is depressing the price of coconut and other indigenous oil. the scum are causing us problems all over the place.

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