Sunday, December 09, 2007

oh, so there's discrimination in white countries as well?

dec 9th, 2007

there was a crappy study brought out a few weeks ago by some JNU-type and some princeton dhimmis that gasp! lower castes and mohammedans were less likely to be called for an interview even by private firms in india.

i mentioned at the time that this was bullshit because certainly in southern india there are a lot of people who do not use caste names, so how do they know the person's caste?

also, yes, just as in the US non-whites are redlined and steered away from white neighborhoods, a certain amount of caution is used when hiring mohammedans. who knows if the highly-educated person might be:
a) the next haneef or whatever the name of that doctor in australia was
b) his brother the aeronautical engineer khaleel who attacked an airport in the UK and died of third degree burns
c) the two guys at IBM who spent all their time on orkut luring hindu women away to madrassas (see archives of this blog)

why do you want to potentially hire people like these? alas, the acts of some mohammedans end up hurting all mohammedans.

now, gasp!, comes evidence that white people do the same thing. so it must be okay, right, james astill of the economist?

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