Sunday, December 02, 2007

Kaangress inviting NATO action in Gujarat?

Unrelenting in its attack on Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in the run-up to state assembly elections there, the Congress on Sunday said that he deserved to be "tried and convicted" not only by Indian courts but also by the international justice system. "He is a violator of global human rights," AICC spokesperson A M Singhvi told PTI.
Chacha Nehru's immortal legacy was to "internationalise" the Kashmir issue which then pre-occupied IFS babus and Kaangress types for the next 60 years in their weak attempts to counter. Why are the contemporary Nehruvian Stalinists repeating this mistake on Gujarat? Do they not realise that their thoughtless propaganda will be used by the Islamists and Atlanticists to browbeat India in international fora for all times to come?

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habc said...

The reason they do this is that they are Mai-Baap/Sahukar mentality people. They have no faith in themselves or in their own people, hence they need to keep "appealing" to the British (Gandhi), UN (Nehru), Manmohan (everyone).

When they were little kids in school - they would go around saying "teacher, teacher, he no he no, he laughed at me"